You’re having trouble using Spotify on Android? A fix is being developed.

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Spotify is unquestionably one of the greatest music streaming apps for Android, and it has been continually adding new features to maintain that position. But as of late, Spotify users have been experiencing a problem that, for some, basically prevents the app from functioning at all on Android. There is currently no set timetable for a fix based on latest news relating to the issue.

IS THERE A WAY TO FIX SPOTIFY AND WHAT IS GOING ON? In a nutshell, the issue appears to be that the program is logging out some users. Spotify virtually pauses on the splash screen for its logo after attempting to get back in. alternatively, displays nothing but a blank screen. Users attempt to employ the numerous usual workaround fixes for the problem, but it just isn’t effective.

It is mentioned in complaints on the Spotify community forums that efforts have been made to solve the issue. It goes without saying that this also entails checking for updates and logging out of Spotify on other devices. Users have also tried restarting their smartphones, cleaning their cache and data, and launching Spotify on different devices that supposedly worked on those devices. Users have even gone as far as to completely remove the software before reinstalling it. But that also doesn’t seem to make things better.

Advertisement The extent of the Spotify not working issue is further clarified by a closer look at the forums. Specifically, the problem doesn’t seem to be related to any particular device. Consequently, until a solution is found, almost any user could be harmed by the issue.

Spotify is now aware of the issue because users have reported it directly to the company’s forums. The industry leader in streaming music claims to be working on a cure as well. Although there is no set timetable for when end consumers can experience some relief from the issue.

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