Twitter is experimenting with posting both images and videos.

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People are currently not too thrilled with Twitter. Twitter Blue’s cost is rising, yet no new features are being added by the corporation. The business, though, is moving ahead. Twitter is experimenting with allowing users to share both photographs and videos.

You can only create one kind of material when creating a new tweet. You have the option of posting a GIF, a video, or an image. Although it’s hardly the worst thing ever, there are moments when you want to post all three at once. Let’s say you want to share a movie and some photographs from a family vacation.

YOU COULD ADD IMAGES, VIDEOS, AND GIFS TO YOUR POST ON TWITTER. This information was found in a tweet from Carl Schmid . A screenshot of a phone showing a Twitter message is shown in the tweet. According to the statement, the business is evaluating users’ ability to combine various forms of content into a single post.

Advertisement You can include all of those kinds of media to your tweet because the message includes links to photographs, videos, and GIFs. Whether the application will increase the maximum number of files you can add is unknown at this time. It would be lovely, but it seems doubtful. People won’t need to add multiple tweets to a thread any longer thanks to this.

Status as of last night
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Advertisement Carl Schmid July 29, 2022 (@CarlSchmid)

We anticipate that the Twitter community will like this feature because it represents a positive step forward for the company. We don’t know when this film will air during prime time. It is currently being tested by beta testers. We’ll have to wait and see if the business decides to continue offering this function.

Advertisement It should be noted that it is unclear whether this function will be available to everyone or will just be available to Twitter Blue subscribers. Time will only tell.

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