The Top 10 Android Anime Games

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Sadly, anime predominates in a variety of media, including TV episodes, comic comics, and movies (were all still reeling from DragonBall Evolution). With a wide variety of games based on anime characters available across several platforms, it also rules the gaming industry. Here is a list of the best 10 anime Android games, out of a vast selection.

Here is a list of video games including some of your favorite anime actors from well-known series. Sorry, Genshin Impact, but we’re only going to discuss games that are based on already-existing franchises. Let’s discover which apps will activate your chakra without further ado.

BEST 10 ANIMATION ANDROID GAMES Here is a brief summary of each game on this list. It displays the price of any in-app purchases as well as the game download costs.

Game download fees for advertisements In-app fees (per item) Dokkan Battle for Dragon Ball Z $0.99 $49.99 The Most Powerful Hero in My Hero Academia $0.99 $79.99 NARUTO X BORUTO NINJA VOLTAGE $0.99 $99.99 ONE PIECE Bounty Rush $0.99 $79.99 Sword Art Online Blading Unleash $0.99 $79.99 Road to Hero 2.0: One Punch Man $0.99 $99.99 BLEACH Mobile 3D Pokmon Caf ReMix $0.99 $99.99 $0.99 $79.99 Links to Yu-Gi-Oh! DRAGON BALL LEGENDS $0.99 $49.99 TOP 10 BEST ANIMATION ANDROID GAMES $0.99 $79.99 A brief description of each app is provided below, along with a direct download link.

All download links direct users to the Google Play Store listing of apps. Downloading programs from Google Play or another authorized app store is always advised for users.


Cost of Download: Free In-App Price: $0.99 $49.99 Size:147MB Rating for Google Play: 4.6 out of 5 One of the games on this list with the most originality is DragonBall Z Dokkan Battle. Although it’s not as simple as most anime fighting games, it’s still enjoyable.

Advertisement As opposed to a fighting game, it is more like a strategic game. Your figure faces the opponent in every match, and there are columns of colorful orbs in between you. As many orbs of the same hue should be near to one other, so press those. Your strike is more potent the longer the streak you choose.

This game has in-app purchases, but they’re not as onerous as those in other gacha games. Without needing to take your wallet, you may still have fun and advance in the game.


Cost of Download: Free In-App Price: $0.99 $99.99 Size: Google Play; 4.3 out of 5 stars My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero is an anime-inspired story-based action game that places a strong emphasis on the narrative. A full gaming experience is what this game is for.

The fact that this game is open-world is interesting. As you travel to your missions, you can look around and speak to people. These missions typically involve visiting specific areas and engaging a predetermined number of foes.

Using the controls on the right side of the screen, you assault. There are powerful attacks that deal more damage in addition to your standard attacks. They merely undergo a cooldown.



Cost of Download: Free In-App Price: $0.99 $79.99 Size: Google Play; 4.4 out of 5 stars ONE PART Characters from the anime are brought into the ring in Bounty Rush. You’re competing against one another in a hybrid of battle and sports rather than following the anime’s plot.

A pirate-themed version of capture the flag, this game. On a stage, you compete in teams of four characters. You must claim the treasure that is scattered throughout the stage in heaps. Both teams will engage in combat to eliminate the other characters as they attempt to take possession of every treasure pile.



Cost of Download: Free In-App Price: $0.99 $79.99 Size: Google Play; 4.3 out of 5 stars You can utilize your favorite Naruto and Boruto characters in battle with NARUTO X BORUTO NINJA VOLTAGE. On your way to the finish, you’ll run through large stages and battle hordes of ninja foes.

The fighting is standard fare for most mobile beat ’em ups. To move and attack, use the buttons on the right side of the screen, respectively. You have a basic attack button, but you may also use the supercharged assaults that go along with it to cause extra harm.

Advertisement This game’s roster of well-known anime characters is one of its key appeals. To utilize in battle, you can create and assemble your favorite Naruto and Boruto characters.

Unleash Blading: Sword Art Online

Cost of Download: Free In-App Price: $0.99 $79.99 Size: Google Play; 4.4 out of 5 stars Sword Art Online is a highly distinctive game due to its visual style as a whole. the sport. It’s a turn-based RPG, in contrast to the show’s actual game. It has fully voiced cutscenes with a complex story, and it is quite story-heavy.

Advertisement If you’ve played older RPGs, the battle should seem rather familiar. Since it is turn-based, each of your characters and the adversaries will make an attack in turn. To harm the adversaries, you’ll pick an attack or special move from your arsenal.

You can summon heroes while you play to strengthen your army. The cast of characters from the show should be enjoyable if you’re a fan of the franchise.

Road to Hero: One Punch Man 2.0

Cost of Download: Free In-App Price: $0.99 $99.99 Size: Google Play; 4.3 out of 5 stars The smartphone combat game One-Punch Man:Road to Hero 2.0 is relatively simple. You take on the roles of both memorable series protagonists and ephemeral supporting cast members. That’s a cool look because they’re all depicted in fight as chibi figures.

Since this is a turn-based RPG, you will be hitting each enemy one at a time. You have the option of using a simple attack or more potent assaults to hit multiple enemies.

You’ll see an animation between fights where some of the characters are rushing down a road, taking out adversaries. You will receive extra resources to spend on goods for each adversary you defeat.


Cost of Download: Free In-App Price: $0.99 $99.99 Size: Google Play; 4.6 out of 5 stars BLEACH Mobile 3D is a 3D fighting game based on the well-known anime series, as its name suggests. You are given a protracted introduction to the game that parallels the opening of the anime or manga. You’ll begin taking tasks after the game’s introduction.

Arcane Legends-style gameplay is evocative to this. Going to various personalities and accepting their quests will be the major gameplay. Going to a specific place and eliminating a predetermined amount of foes are typically required for the missions.

Your character will level up as you progress through the game and more cutscenes will become available. The game could become a little repetitive in terms of gameplay after a while, but the cutscenes help add some diversity.


Cost of Download: Free In-App Price: $0.99 $79.99 Size: Google Play; 4.6 out of 5 stars Pokemon Cafe Mix is given a fresh makeover in Pokemon Cafe Remix. Compared to the primary Pokemon games, this game brand offers a drastically different gaming aesthetic. You are managing a restaurant, not engaging in Pokemon battles.

This puzzle game features a well-known gameplay design. It nearly seems as though match-3 games rule the mobile gaming industry at first glance. You must create a line linking all of the identical symbols rather than moving the icons. You earn more points the more links you create.

If you follow these steps, you can run the restaurant at the end of each round. More Pokemon species will come into your restaurant as you go along to be served. It’s a cute and enjoyable diversion from the struggle to excel.


Cost of Download: Free In-App Price: $0.99 $49.99 Size: Google Play; 4.6 out of 5 stars There have previously been a number of Yu-Gi-Oh video games available for purchase and on gaming consoles. They experienced the same issue: a little variety of monsters.

Nonetheless, Yu-Gi-Oh! The unique aspect of Duel Links is that it provides a very comprehensive dueling experience. A wide variety of monsters are available for you to gather and use in combat.

You can dispute that this is a gacha game, but if you want to obtain specific creatures, you will have to pay. If you want to be able to experience the Yu-Gi-Oh dueling days, it’s a tiny price to pay.


Cost of Download: Free In-App Price: $0.99 $79.99 The DragonBall Xenoverse series gave rise to the DragonBall Legends series. Size: Google Play Rating: 4.4 stars out of 5 You may manage your battles on a 3D platform in this game. You can play as your preferred franchise characters. Additionally, you can play as Shallot, a brand-new original character.

As you progress through the story, you battle a group of adversaries in consecutive rounds. The well-known voice actors from the TV program and the movies can also be anticipated.

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