Sale dates, promotions, and what to anticipate for Amazon Prime Day in 2022

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Prime Day, the biggest annual sale for Amazon , is finally returning to July after two years of missing the month. Amazon shifted Prime Day to October in 2020, kicking off a rather significant holiday season that includes Prime Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday all in quick succession. Then, in order to assist raise its Q2 figures, Amazon shifted it to June last year. However, it seems that June didn’t provide Amazon with the numbers it was hoping for, so it is shifting once more to July.

This year’s Prime Day will be held on July 12 and July 13, according to a recent announcement from Amazon. It is a two-day event once more.

Here is all the information you need to know in advance of Amazon Prime Day, which is coming up very soon.

Advertisement WHICH DAY OF THE WEEK IS PRIME DAY? Prime Day will be held on July 12 and July 13, according to Amazon. It will begin at 3AM ET on July 12 and end at 2:59AM ET on July 14. (this is because Amazon is in Seattle, and does everything on Pacific time). Therefore, Prime Day sales will last for 48 hours.

On July 13, there will be a ton of offers accessible as soon as the doors open, as we’ve seen with prior Prime Days. But there will be other transactions as well. Deals will gradually emerge over the next 48 hours. On the second day of Prime Day, there are some potentially significant offers happening.

WHAT PREMIUM DAY OFFERS ARE CURRENTLY AVAILABLE? Although there are some fantastic discounts available right now, there aren’t any official early Prime Day deals available just now. Let’s look at a couple of them.

Commercial Blink Video Doorbell These are but a selection of the current offers. Of course, if you want to stay current, you can look at our deals here.

WHAT DEALS ARE POSSIBLE TO BE SEEN? Although Amazon hasn’t yet revealed the bargains for Prime Day , we may anticipate discounts on all product categories available on Amazon’s

We’ll also notice some significant price cuts on Amazon’s own gear. Along with Fire TV, Fire tablets, Echo smart speakers, Ring, Blink, and many other devices. Even some discounts on Amazon’s most recent products, which were revealed last autumn, may be forthcoming.

Advertisement We may also see some significant reductions on Instant Pots, DNA kits, cellphones, smart TVs, and many more things, based on the Prime Day specials we’ve seen in the past. If you’ve been considering purchasing an Instant Pot, these major shopping days may be the greatest time to do so since they are always a top seller on Amazon.

Manufacturers of robot vacuums such as Roborock, iRobot, Neato, and others will also offer discounts on their goods.

Extended trials will be available from Amazon for its services like Music Unlimited and Audible . Amazon had previously offered four months of Music Unlimited for for $0.99.

Advertisement THE MOST EARLY OFFERS BEGIN ON JUNE 21. The first day of Amazon’s early Prime Day sales will be June 21, which is next Tuesday. Then you’ll discover a lot of excellent offers already up for various Amazon products. This includes discounts of up to 55% on Amazon gadgets like the fourth-generation Echo Dot and the new Kindle Paperwhite.

Here is a sample of what will be available beginning on June 21.

Kindle Paperwhite, Amazon Glow with Tangram Bits, Halo Band, Luna Controller, Fire 7 Tablet (2019 release), Echo Dot (4th Gen) with a Free Smart Bulb, Ring Alarm Security Kit 8-Piece (2nd Gen), Blink Video Doorbell, eero mesh WiFi routers, and more. Score Big on Amazon Devices: Get deals starting June 21 and save up to 55 percent on select Amazon devices. Save on Fire TV smart TVs: Fire TV smart TVs from brands like Toshiba, Insignia, Pioneer, and Amazon start at only $89.99. 24-inch HD Smart Fire TV from Insignia: $89.99 (47 percent off) 32-inch HD Smart Fire TV from Insignia: $99.99 (44 percent off) 55-inch Omni Series 4K UHD smart TV with Alexa voice control from Amazon costs $299.99. (46 percent off) 43-inch 4-Series 4K UHD smart TV from Amazon: $199.99 (46 percent off) $509.99 for a 50-inch 4-Series 4K UHD smart TV from Amazon (45 percent off) 55-inch 4-Series 4K UHD smart TV from Amazon costs $284.99. (45 percent off) Price: $699.99 for a Toshiba 75-inch M550-Series 4K UHD Smart TV (50 percent off) $199.99 for a Pioneer 43-inch 4K UHD Smart TV (37 percent off) Customers will also be able to begin buying early Prime Day bargains on Amazon Live as of June 21. so that they can buy with their favorite influencers and celebrities. This includes Lala Kent, Joe and Frank Mele, and Porsha Williams. Additionally, Hilary Duff will interview some of her favorite entrepreneurs who have their items featured on Amazon on June 28 at 1 PM EDT.

Advertisement WHERE CAN I CURRENTLY FIND GOOD DEALS? Follow AndroidHeadlines to stay updated. Throughout the year, we post the top specials. Because buying new technology, Instant Pots, or other things is not necessarily something you can wait to do on Black Friday or Prime Day.

We regularly provide the top offers from Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, and other merchants. to assist you in avoiding debt and spending excessively. Therefore, be sure to bookmark this website.

Additionally, you can look into Amazons deals page . Every few hours, fresh bargains and daily specials are added to this page.


Should I simply wait on Black Friday? The best option is to purchase on Prime Day if it’s something you require immediately. But there is no harm in waiting until Black Friday if all you want is something you won’t need right away. It is difficult to predict whether prices will be lower on Black Friday compared to Prime Day because it is still around five months away. In all honesty, the costs will probably be nearly identical.

In particular, we can’t really truly make a reasonable prediction at Black Friday prices because we don’t know them now.

However, other companies will offer larger discounts on Black Friday. Therefore, Black Friday would be a better time to make your purchases if you’re not set on buying from Amazon. Despite the fact that many stores like competing with Amazon on Prime Day.

Advertisement FOR AMAZON PRIME DAY, HOW CAN I GET READY? Making sure that your Amazon account’s payment methods and addresses are current will be a smart idea. You don’t want to waste time updating that stuff because these bargains close really quickly.

Paying down your Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card will enable you to take full advantage of Prime Day. This is due to the fact that on Prime Day, cardholders with valid Prime memberships will receive 6% in cashback at Whole Foods Market and Amazon. Along with an annual cashback rate of 5% and 2% back at eateries, petrol stations, and pharmacies. While somewhere else, you’ll only get 1% back.

Amazon and Affirm, a well-known buy now, pay later service, have also partnered. When consumers buy $50 or more on qualifying items on Amazon during the period of June 28 through July 1, Prime Members who have their credit approved by Affirm will receive a 0% APR offer on three equal monthly payments. A $300 purchase, for instance, might cost $100 each month for three months at a 0% APR.

DO I HAVE TO BE A PRIME MEMBER TO BENEFIT FROM THESE OFFERS? To encourage more people to become Prime members, Prime Day was developed. So, yes, you must be a Prime member to benefit from these offers. Additionally, if you’re a student and want to take advantage of Prime Day, you may sign up for 30-day trial for free or for six months.

Additionally, sellers will provide discounts on items that are not formally a part of Prime Day. So, yes and no are the answers. You must be a member of Prime in order to take advantage of all Prime Day deals. However, not every discount offered on Prime Day is exclusive for Prime subscribers.

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