The July update to New State Mobile adds a new map, Survivor Pass, and more.

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The update for the month of July has just been released by New State Mobile, formerly known as PUBG: New State, and it contains a significant amount of new content. Specifically, a new map for the Team Deathmatch mode as well as a new weapon, some new customization possibilities, a new survivor pass, and changes to Troi Extreme.

This update is for you if you’ve been playing New State Mobile when it first came out and are enjoying the content. In the team deathmatch mode, players will first get access to a brand-new map. It is known as Show Hall and is simply a modified version of the Troi map’s exhibit hall area.

It has been modified and shrunk to accommodate the 4v4 team deathmatch battles. To win the game, teams must total 40 kills. And after a little waiting period, respawns happen after death. There will also be ten different spawn points, so you should become familiar with each one.

Advertisement NEW WEAPON AND CUSTOMIZATION MODS ARE ADDED TO THE JULY UPDATE FOR STATE MOBILE Some gamers want to engage in close combat with their adversaries. Those players ought to investigate the brand-new MP-155 Ultima. With its high burst damage, this 12-gauge shotgun will rip your adversaries apart.

You may now add some new customization choices to the gun to give it a more unique appearance. such includes a full auto trigger and an improved silencer. The full auto trigger reduces the vertical recoil of the gun’s bullets in addition to giving it a full auto mode.

Additionally, the AKM may now accept the grenade launcher mod attachment. The update also adds a fresh survivor pass, bringing the pass up to volume 9, and other changes. Players can find a series of tasks to perform there for a chance to win Honey Becca-themed outfits and face skins.

Advertisement The update here ‘s complete patch notes are available to read.

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