In India, the Pixel 6a Is Priced Much Higher

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People may now start purchasing the eagerly awaited Google Pixel 6a since it has finally debuted. It was introduced at a reasonable price in a number of markets, but not in all of them. In the Indian market, the Pixel 6a was initially priced more.

Google’s upcoming entry-level phone, the Pixel 6a, is reportedly on everyone’s mind. This is the mid-range Pixel 6 from 2021, and it offers a lot of power in a small, affordable design.

In India, the Pixel 6A is more expensive. Unfortunately, the majority of the markets where this phone is sold do not qualify as being inexpensive. The Pixel 6a really costs more in India than other countries, according to the phones’ listings on Flipkart .

Advertisement Google made clear the phone’s competitive price point when it was first launched. You can purchase a tensor-powered phone with the most recent Android operating system, an outstanding camera, 6GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage for $449.

However, it appears that those benefits will cost more in India. The pricing of this phone is Rs. 43,999, or around Rs. $550. Many questions are raised by that $100, the most important of which being WHY? The price increase is possible because there is typically a small markup for the Indian market. But $100 seems a little excessive.

As of right now, the corporation hasn’t actually commented on this price. We’re unsure if a formal announcement will be made. Regardless, a lot of people are complaining about this price on various social media channels.

Advertisement Perhaps Google is bridging a gap. Google hasn’t sold any phones in the Indian market for the past few years. Given the size of the Indian market, that is a little surprising. Thus, the Pixel 6a represents Google’s entry back into the market.

Therefore, it’s conceivable that Google is utilizing the Pixel 6a to fill the gap left by the absence of a Pixel 6. Google may pitch it as a brand-new mid-range device rather than the mid-range variant of a more expensive product.

By displaying the phone in isolation rather than as the less expensive variant of another phone, this method allows for a price increase. It’s like asking $100 extra for a Samsung Galaxy S22 because there isn’t an Ultra model to compare it to.

Advertisement This is obviously conjecture. All of it should be taken with a grain of salt. Regardless, a new Pixel phone is now available to Indians. Simply put, it’s not how they had hoped.

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