Microsoft Outlook Users Are Affected by a Known “Unknown Sign-In” Error

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Microsoft is working diligently to address the widespread Unknown sign-in activity problem that is presently affecting Outlook customers. That’s according to a recent reports that describes the problem and the company’s remedy.

Now, it looks that the mistake in question is a server-side setup issue. Users therefore have limited options for fixing the problem themselves. To put it briefly, what’s occurring is that users of the widely used email client are receiving a false message. The notification alerts users that a suspicious log-in has occurred on their account, as was already mentioned. However, in many of those instances, there hasn’t actually been a log-in of that kind.

Microsoft asks users to update their passwords when they respond to the notification. However, some customers claim that even after changing their passwords, the problem still occurs. Additionally, the warning message is being shown by users who have enabled two-factor authentication.

Advertisement WHY IS THE UNKNOWN SIGN-IN ACTIVITY ERROR IN OUTLOOK A PROBLEM AND HOW IS MICROSOFT REACTING TO IT? Microsoft is attempting to fix the problem, as was already mentioned. The business claims that a configuration problem is to blame for some consumers receiving these notifications unintentionally.

There is currently no estimated timeframe for a remedy, as with other newly discovered flaws found in other email clients. However, at least some experts worry that the configuration might not actually pose the greatest harm. Some have come to the conclusion that malicious actors may be attempting to access the accounts using outdated passwords cunningly extracted from disclosure lists.

Users are more inclined to disregard error notifications if they are sent out in error. assuming that they are false alarms and omitting genuine dangers to the security of their accounts. Specifically, by highlighting the possibility that the issue is the consequence of an extensive attack on Outlook users. Microsoft has not verified or disputed that the current issue is related to a breach of any type on its behalf.

Advertisement Users should use the Outlook service, site, and app carefully in the interim.

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