A 43-inch Amazon 4-Series Fire TV is available to Prime members for less than $200.

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In conjunction with its Prime Day sales, Amazon is currently offering its 4-series Fire TV sets for as little as $199.99. So you won’t have to break the money to acquire a new TV that isn’t crap. These TV prices are actually record lows; the previous record low was set back in late January. So now is a fantastic moment to purchase one.

There are three sizes of the Amazon 4-series Fire TV that are all now discounted. Instead of being $369, the 43-inch model is now only $199. The 50-inch model is now on sale for $299, a reduction from the $469 it originally cost. The 55-inch Amazon 4-series Fire TV, which was initially $519, is now available for $349.

Remember that only Prime members are eligible for these discounts. Therefore, if you’re not a member of Prime, you can join up for an 30-day free trial here .

Advertisement The less expensive of the two Amazon Fire TV lines was introduced by Amazon a few months ago. According to Amazon, this 4-series is intended for everyday amusement. Basically, it’s a less expensive yet still decent TV experience.

Here, HDR and 4K support are both included. The HDR10 and HLG formats are supported. There is no Dolby Vision present; the Amazon Omni Series, which are also on sale, will include it.

Also lacking is Dolby Atmos, but since this TV has an HDMI eARC port on the back, you can connect a Sonos Beam to receive Dolby Atmos. If not, you will receive Dolby Digital plus, which doesn’t actually sound all that horrible.

Advertisement There are three HDMI 2.0 ports and one HDMI eARC 2.1 port available in terms of ports. If you want to hardwire your TV to your network for improved streaming, an Ethernet port is also available. Of course, WiFi is supported here.

However, this TV is lacking one feature: hands-free Alexa. Given that Alexa won’t constantly be listening, that might be a plus for certain folks. Your remote still has an Alexa button, though.

These are Fire TV devices, so you can watch all of your favorite shows from your preferred applications here, to wrap things up. Hulu, Disney, ESPN, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and many other services fall under this category.

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