Every user of Google Calendar has working location enabled by default.

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It is now simpler to communicate your working location thanks to Google Calendar. Everyone now has access to the feature by default. Before entering your location, you no longer need to explicitly enable the option in the Calendar app’s settings. With fewer clicks, you may now specify where you are working from.

A relatively recent feature in Google Calendar is the ability to set your working location. It was first introduced in August of last year in response to the evolving workplace culture during and following the pandemic lockdowns. Working from home during lockdowns has become the new standard. However, as conditions improved, businesses began to welcome their staff members back to the workplace.

However, depending on the regional circumstances, among other things, the majority of employers permitted optional home work. Some people chose a mixed workplace environment where workers must rotate between working from home and an office. With this technique, Google hopes to solve the issue of employees easily informing their coworkers and managers of where they will be working each day. In Google Calendar, users can choose their working locations from a dropdown menu next to the daily working hours.

Advertisement Google announced a modification in May of this year that provided the same capabilities in a more condensed style. By more effectively utilizing the available screen area, it made entering and updating location-related information simpler and faster. Now that the option is turned on by default for everyone, the company is further streamlining the procedure. Naturally, it is still turnable off.

Google indicated that admins can turn off the feature at the organizational level in an blog post published earlier this week. Consequently, your company can decide whether you have access to it. Your domain’s current settings won’t change unless you make changes in the Admin panel.

Google Calendar’s most recent update is currently being sent out. Users are now starting to receive this update, which makes it possible for everyone to set their working location in Google Calendar by default. Users on Scheduled Release domains will get it first, then those on Rapid Release domains, by August 9.

Advertisement According to Google, the tool is accessible to traditional G Suite Business customers, nonprofit organizations, and Workspace Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Fundamentals, Education Standard, and Education Plus customers. Customers of historical G Suite Basic and Workspace Essentials, Business Starter, Enterprise Essentials, Frontline, and miss out. Users with individual Google Accounts are also excluded.

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