Street Fighter 6: What is Known Thus Far

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Street Fighter 6 is definitely coming, and Capcom already gave us a release date for it. Many of the well-known characters that fans know and adore will appear in the game when it is released in 2023. Ryu, Chun-Li, and Guile among others. There will undoubtedly be both new and recognizable characters. resulting in a vast cast of selectable characters.

Street Fighter 6 is also prepared to introduce a few new modes that will transform it into a game unlike any other in the franchise. Even though the game’s release is still some time off, Capcom has already provided a lot of information regarding Street Fighter 6. Enough, in fact, to develop a respectable body of information so gamers have some idea of what to anticipate when the game debuts.

Despite this, there are still many things about the game that we do not understand. Closer to debut, any details or features of the game will become more evident. Here is what we currently know about Street Fighter 6 in the interim.

Advertisement WHEN WILL STREET FIGHTER 6 BE RELEASED? In 2023, Street Fighter 6 will make its public debut. Unfortunately, there isn’t much more information available after that. Capcom hasn’t yet decided on a definite release date. This implies that the game could be released at any time during the following year.

According to rumors, the game will be released sometime in the summer of 2019. However, those are only rumors because Capcom hasn’t said anything yet other than the year the game will be released.

There is no need to be concerned about delays because there is currently no set date for a release. And to be quite honest, by simply announcing that the game will be released in 2023, Capcom has done itself a favor. It has an entire year and a half to reach that target as of right now. Which allows the publisher some leeway in the event that it needs to delay its internal goals.

Advertisement WHAT SYSTEMS IS THE GAME AVAILABLE ON? “Street Fighter VI, Part 2

The most recent Street Fighter game from Capcom will be made available across many platforms. This covers Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and PS5. The Xbox One has not yet been mentioned. Which implies that the game might be completely ignoring it.

That would be a little unusual considering that the PS4 will be receiving a copy and it was released at the same time. But as things stand, it appears that the Xbox One might be overlooked.

Advertisement WHERE DOES THE GAME START? Street Fighter 6 will debut globally, according to Capcom. It makes no specific mention of any nations. However, we may anticipate the game’s release in a number of additional areas, including the US, UK, Southeast Asia, Japan, and Europe. It should also be available simultaneously across all areas. This is typical of modern video game releases on a worldwide scale.

Who is on the list of characters that can be played? ” alt=”Street Fighter 6 2 1 “>

Capcom has only officially confirmed a select few playable characters as of yet. There have been five characters confirmed in all. But eventually, there will be a tremendous number of characters to pick from. According to Capcom, Street Fighter 6’s roster will be larger than Street Fighter 5’s. which, when the final character was added, had 46 characters.

Advertisement But it’s unlikely that Capcom will make them all available simultaneously. And as it did with the previous game, it will likely continue to release them as DLC. Over the years, Nintendo has done something similar with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

The Street Fighter 6 playable characters that are currently confirmed are listed below.

Luke Ryu Guile Jamie Chun-Li There was also a list with the complete launch roster that leaked back at the start of June. There is no assurance that every character will be featured because this is not a list that Capcom has officially approved. To give you an indication of who you might be able to expect, we’ll list them below. The following characters may also be available to players in addition to the six mentioned above:

Advertisement Ken White Zangief Honda, Dhalsim E. Cammy Jay Dee Rashid Juri Adakuma, Ed Marisa Mimi Lisa J.P. Kimberly A.K.I. According to the leaked character list and the five that Capcom has officially acknowledged, players in Street Fighter 6 will have a total of 21 options. This tweet from *KatGamer12* on June 3 includes images of the character designs for each character.


With the introduction of Street Fighter 6, Capcom won’t be significantly altering the Street Fighter gameplay. However, it is changing certain things and even introducing some new features. Features that will guarantee continued discussion of the game and the series. Not to mention, it might even establish a standard for subsequent combat games.

Advertisement In its simplest form, Street Fighter 6 is a fighting game. Therefore, fighting will undoubtedly be present, as you would expect from a Street Fighter game. But with the addition of the two new modes, Capcom is also introducing some new gameplay elements.


There isn’t much information available regarding the new World Tour mode at this time because Capcom is keeping quiet about it. We do know that this will be something out of the ordinary for the fighting game genre. And for the entire Street Fighter series.

Advertisement In a single player experience called World Tour, users will be able to run about Metro City with their player avatars to explore and leave their mark. This presumably indicates that you will have the option to personalize your player avatar and give it a distinctive look.

Since this is a single-player story mode, it’s also possible that gamers will have a goal they can strive for. Despite the fact that Capcom hasn’t provided many specifics, it is obvious from the teaser trailer that Metro City is a sizable explorable area. Players can explore the city’s alleyways, use ladders to ascend buildings, and engage in combat with the city’s NPC residents.

Although it hasn’t been verified, it appears that you will be able to design your own fighter. As you move through the mode, a special story called World Tour can start to take shape.

CONTROL HUB “Street Fighter 6: Episode One

No comprehensive information on Battle Hub has yet been provided by Capcom. Apart from Capcom’s succinct remark, little is known about the mode other than the fact that it exists. Which implies that the Battle Hub is the ideal location for players looking to engage in friendly competition.

This sounds like a place where players who have completed the World Tour and left their legacy with their player avatar can compete against other players who have also completed the World Tour. Therefore, it’s possible that Battle Hub is where you compete against players that have completed at least some of the World Tour mode.

Street Fighter 6 2 2″ alt=”Fighting Ground “>

Fighting Ground is exactly what you’d anticipate. You’re familiar with this fighting game gameplay from earlier Street Fighter titles. Although there have been some changes to make it feel more modern and up-to-date.

To begin with, Capcom is introducing a new contemporary control type that makes it simpler to perform moves. Fighting Ground will also include the traditional control type and real-time commentary, in which commentators from the pro tour will discuss everything that occurs during your fight.

The Drive System additionally includes four separate drive move sets. include Drive Parry, Drive Impact, Drive Rush, and Overdrive.

There are two major control kinds that you will use throughout the game when it comes to controllers. both traditional and contemporary controls. There is also the Drive System, which also includes the mechanics for Drive Impact, Drive Parry, Overdrive, and Drive Rush.

Experienced players and devoted series fans may decide to continue with the Classic Controls, which demand more difficult button combinations to execute maneuvers. Anybody who desires a simpler execution process can use the Modern Controls. It’s also important to note that it can be a good idea for people who are new to the fighting genre to start with Modern Controls and switch to Classic Controls after they’ve gotten the hang of things so they can develop their skills.

Traditional control type

This is the standard Street Fighter 6-button configuration. If you’ve played other games, this one should feel familiar to you and be the feature you use the most. Nevertheless, we would still advise you to look at Modern Controls just in case.

This control option is best for experienced players who want more power over their characters.


Selecting the Modern Control Type will make things simpler for you. Attacks will be simpler to execute because some movements are tied to a single button. But in this case, you do give up some power. For example, traditional controls allow you to choose between light, medium, and heavy kicks and punches. On the other hand, modern controls merely provide you access to light, medium, and heavy strikes.

Therefore, you are somewhat watering down your assault set. However, that is the price to pay for having special moves that are simpler to use.

CONTROL SYSTEM The Drive System and Drive Gauge are restored and working as before. You can utilize the Drive Gauge right away if you want to, as it is readily available. Your Drive Gauge will be depleted if you use Drive System moves. According to Capcom, if your player burns out, they go into a state where they have significant disadvantages.

To determine the optimal time to employ your Drive System maneuvers, you’ll need to become more familiar with the Drive System and the Drive Gauge. It may be preferable to postpone certain moves for when the fight is more on the line. Over time, the Drive Gauge will also refill.

Driving Effect “Drive System 1 from Street Fighter VI.
Street Fighter 6 Drive System 2 Drive Parry “>
Overdrive “Drive System 3 from Street Fighter 6
Street Fighter 6 Drive System 4 Drive Rush “>

PRE-ORDERS FOR STREET FIGHTER 6 Street Fighter 6 will have a pre-order phase at some time. There is currently no set release date for the game. Capcom has decided not to offer it for pre-order. Once the game is closer to launching, that is most likely to happen.

If you’re looking for a physical copy, you can also pre-order the game from stores like Best Buy, Amazon, and GameStop whenever pre-orders become available. You can also pre-order the game through the PlayStation Store online or on your console. If you’re a major fan of Street Fighter, you might want to keep an eye out for the limited Collectors Edition copies of the game.

RUMORS ABOUT STREET FIGHTER 6 If you’re a fan of the series, you should be aware of a few rumors that are circulating regarding the game. First, Capcom has hinted that it will be making another significant news regarding Street Fighter 6 in 2022. Although it’s not yet certain what will be announced, there’s a chance it may be regarding the game’s official release date.

This does not imply that Street Fighter 6 will only have one announcement this year. There may be more modest announcements from Capcom in the works. announcements about new boxers entering the roster, for instance.

Another report is that Street Fighter 6 may be powered by the RE Engine. Capcom has been employing the RE Engine for their most recent AAA game releases. like Devil May Cry V, Monster Hunter Rise, and Resident Evil Village. It wouldn’t come as a huge surprise if it decided to use the RE Engine for one of its other key IPs. especially when you take into account that Street Fighter may be Capcom’s most well-known franchise.

ASSESS THE TRAILERS As the release date approaches, Capcom will undoubtedly release more trailers for the upcoming game. Below are links to all of the Street Fighter 6 trailers that are currently available, including a teaser, an announcement, and some gameplay clips showcasing the game’s many characters and features.

Up to the game’s release, more trailers will continue to appear online. So keep an eye out for those as we add the more crucial ones.

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