A Short Time After The Last Stable Update, Android Auto 7.9 Beta Was Released

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Google has started beta testing Android Auto 7.9 just over a week after the release of Android Auto 7.8. Users who signed up for the beta test for the company’s driving companion app can now download the new version. However, not all beta testers might understand it immediately away. If you’re one of the fortunate ones, the Google Play Store should have an update for the Android Auto app.

Unfortunately, Google won’t say what hasn’t changed in the latest update to its driving companion app, version 7.9. ( via ). The corporation has a bothersome habit of doing that. No changelog is provided for Android Auto updates, whether it’s the beta version or the final product. Users must search for new content on their own.

Before users start noticing any changes, Android Auto 7.9 is still going out to beta testers, so it can take a few days. If there are any significant user-facing changes, we’ll let you know about them. We anticipate that Google has fixed some bugs with this release, even if none exist. Recently, Android Auto has experienced a number of challenges, including trouble with calls made using Google Assistant as well as compatibility concerns with the Pixel 6 and Galaxy S22 devices. It would be wonderful if the business addressed several issues with version 7.9.

Advertisement Of course, a makeover of Coolwalk is also in the works. This makeover, which was shown at Google I/O 2022 in May, adds a split-screen option that enables you to view messages, media controls, and navigational directions all at once. Additionally, it enables your Android Auto-compatible vehicle’s display to automatically adjust to the app’s display. Even if Android Auto 7.9 doesn’t have this redesign, it’s possible that work is being done behind the scenes.

Google is continuing to release Android Auto 7.8. Despite Android Auto 7.9 having begun public testing, some users are still on 7.8 in the stable channel. As usual, the distribution started last week without a changelog. The upgrade might not reach everyone for a few more weeks. Google manages these changes in this manner. They don’t roll out to everyone at the same speed. The stable version of Android Auto 7.9 may have already been distributed to certain users by the time they get Android Auto 7.8.

You can still download the most recent version from the Google Play Store by clicking the icon below. Note that Android Auto for phones has been discontinued by Google. Now, only screens in cars are compatible. If your car doesn’t have a display, the business wants you to utilize Google Assistant Driving Mode on your phone.


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