Samsung and Google Launch Ad Campaign Highlighting Their Partnership {Update: Video}

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UPDATE: Google has now shared the 30-second advertisement on Instagram after first airing it in movie theaters. The advertisement, which was posted via Android’s official account, is embedded below.

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ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Over the past few years, Samsung and Google have frequently worked together. The products of the latter are frequently highlighted in the keynotes. On Galaxy handsets, new Google features frequently make their debut. The relationship between the two titans of technology is now highlighted in an advertisement.

The latest advertisement shows how several Google services operate without a hitch on Samsung technology. To begin, a song search is conducted using the Hum to Search feature of the Google applications. With this tool, you may simply hum a song’s melody to search for it on Google without providing the song’s title or lyrics. When a song becomes stuck in your head and you can’t get it out, it can help.

Advertisement The user then sends it to a Samsung TV for playback after the search is finished. Other instances of this hardware-software cooperation between Google and Samsung products are then shown in the advertisement. Additionally, it has the slogan “Make it epic.” If you remember, the Korean company has been referring to its Galaxy S series flagships in recent years as “epic.”

The Galaxy S22 Ultra and Galaxy Watch 4 are shown side by side with Google Assistant in the last moments of this commercial. It demonstrates how you can use Samsung smartwatches to operate your smart home using Google’s digital assistant.

THIS AD IS BEING SHOWN IN MOVIE THEATER BY GOOGLE AND SAMSUNG. According to 9to5Google , this advertisement emphasizing the hardware-software synergy between Google and Samsung was shown in a theater prior to a film. The publication claims to have seen the advertisement online as well, although we haven’t yet seen it. The two companies’ advertising campaign does, however, have a website that may be seen at right here .

Advertisement This website prominently displays the Galaxy Z Fold 3 in addition to the Galaxy S22 Ultra. It also includes the Galaxy Watch 4 and the Galaxy Tab S8. The website showcases seamless music switching between Galaxy devices. Additionally, it highlights other Google products and services that might improve your daily life, like Duo, Photos, Lens, and Messages.

For instance, Google Duo allows for the live sharing of content from Samsung Gallery, Google Notes, YouTube, and Google Maps. This enables you to watch YouTube videos or gallery images with your friends and family whenever you want, wherever you are. According to Google, staying connected is simpler than ever. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G let you seamlessly connect your devices, share moments with friends and family, and find more of what you love.

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