Google has changed the name of Camera Go to Camera.

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There have been several name changes for the simplified version of Google Camera, known as Camera Go. According to 9To5Google , Google has since changed the app’s name to Camera By Google. This name change could portend more significant changes for Android Go.

Most people are familiar with the original Android, but less people are aware with Android Go, a more compact version of the operating system. This is a very scaled-back version of Android designed to run on less powered devices.

There are lighter versions of several software that go along with the lighter operating system. The app Camera Go was one of those. To make this application compatible with less expensive devices, some bells and whistles were removed.

Advertisement Google altered the camera. Google’s camera page The corporation has recently decided to somewhat rebrand that application. Google removed the Go from the name a few months ago, in May. That looked strange, but the program has since undergone another name change. The app is now known as Camera by Google.

Google modified the icon a little bit to reflect the name change. The icon’s Go text was deleted, and the color scheme was slightly altered. Other than that, nothing else appears to have changed.

Since the Gallery Go also omitted the Go from its name, this is not an unusual instance. Google might be in the midst of revamping their lightweight apps, but that is currently only speculative. What Google intends to do with these applications is unknown.

Advertisement According to what we can tell, Google is only changing the titles of these programs. We’ll have to wait for additional app-related developments before we can be sure.

It’s possible that Google will release an update for Android Go later in the year. presently using version 12. We anticipate a release to happen soon after Android 13 leaves testing. We might observe additional modifications to the lightweight apps when that version is released.

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