The May 2022 Security Patch Is Released For The OnePlus 9

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Back in the day, OnePlus was extremely on top of the software update game, but with time, the company has gotten worse. The OnePlus 9 from last year is now receiving the May 2022 security patch . Even though this is from last month, it’s still lovely to see.

The OnePlus 10 Pro and the speculated OnePlus 10T are currently the focus of all the excitement surrounding OnePlus. The Oneplus 10T appears to be nothing more than a rebranded Oppo phone. That shouldn’t be surprising considering how intertwined those two businesses are.

THE MAY 2022 SECURITY PATCH IS NOW ON THE ONEPLUS 9. Google is currently running the June security patch, but businesses like Samsung are already ahead of the curve. This makes it odd that OnePlus is still utilizing the security patch from last month. In all honesty, that’s not the worst thing, but it exposes the phone to attacks using more recent security flaws.

Advertisement This security patch should significantly alter the user experience by bringing about the essential stability and bug fixes. Recently, this patch was released, although it was only available in the Indian market. It is now accessible in all markets.

The absence of any mention of security flaws being corrected in the changelog is somewhat concerning. The most crucial aspect of security patches is that they plug security gaps in your phone, protecting your data and identity.

Although there is no information on the security front, we do know that there have been system, camera, and other software-related changes. First off, the problem that abruptly caused the camera to crash has been resolved. Additionally, images now accurately display location information.

Advertisement Other problems include the programs’ sporadic background clearing and the infrequent calling problems. These and other problems with the program are resolved by the upgrade. The update for the OnePlus 9 should be available to you soon.

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