You can now use any emoji in WhatsApp message reactions.

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Only a few months after emoji reactions for its hugely popular messaging platform were introduced by WhatsApp, the business is now rolling out support for any emoji. That is based on current reports data as well as a related firm tweet on Twitter.

WHAT HAS CHANGED WITH EMOJI REACTIONS TO WHATSAPP MESSAGES? To be clear, users can now immediately answer to messages with emojis by using the responses in questions feature. This is generally done by long-pressing on the media or message that the user wants to respond to. choosing the proper choice to add a reaction after that. In this instance, it’s the new plus-shaped icon next to the preexisting choices.

The reactions show up below the message’s body after choosing an emoji in WhatsApp.

Advertisement There were only six emojis accessible when WhatsApp first implemented the feature back in May. Nevertheless, the business did afterwards broaden its selection to include hearts in other hues. Additionally, adjustments were made to make it easier for users to see which material was being reacted to in notifications.

As of right now, the business is allowing any emoji in the picker to be used. allowing users to select any of them from the keyboard’s emoji selector in order to answer. Instead than being restricted to the few selections that were previously available.

WHEN WILL YOU NOTICE THIS CHANGE? The time frame for consumers to start seeing the additional options will vary significantly. The feature has officially begun to roll out on both iOS and Android, according to the business. However, it made no mention of how long the rollout would actually take.

Advertisement App updates often trickle out over the course of a few days to a few weeks. So it is almost certain that this will also be the case.

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