There are still 29 of the best Amazon Prime Day deals available.

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Even though Amazon Prime Day may legally be ended, not all items have yet changed to their regular prices. No, not at all. The items we are collecting up here are among the many that are still available for purchase at the Prime Day discount rates.

The fact that they are still for sale does not guarantee that they will remain so for long. So, in order to take action before they increase again, move quickly.

So far, we have spotted a good number of items that are still on sale, but no Amazon devices. Which is not shocking to us. They haven’t frequently been on sale lately. Really only for significant occasions like Prime Day, and most likely will return for Alexa’s birthday in November, a few weeks before Black Friday. On some smartphones, tablets, and much more, however, you can still save a lot of money.

BEST PRIME DAY DEALS ARE STILL AVAILABLE in advertisements Why then, do things remain on sale after Prime Day? However, not all of the items on sale during Prime Day were intended for Prime Day. For instance, Google’s Pixel smartphones were on sale before Prime Day and are still on sale right now. Additionally, other businesses will take advantage of Prime Day’s publicity to promote select products.

While Prime is required for Prime Day, it is not required for all of the deals that are offered.

Here, we merely take advantage of the lower pricing without questioning why items remain on sale longer than they should. Here are some of the top Amazon Prime Day offers that are still available as of today, July 14, 2022, without further ado.


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