How often will the OnePlus 10T receive software updates?

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The business also unveiled its software support for the OnePlus 10T at the same time as the hardware. How many iterations of the Android OS will there be? And how frequently will it receive security updates?

The 10T will receive three years of Android OS updates, according to OnePlus. Since it is launching with Android 12, that would theoretically ensure at least Android 15. Within the next month or two, Android 13 should be out, and OnePlus should start pushing it out soon after. The 10T could receive Android 16, however Android 15 is the maximum version that is promised by OnePlus.

OnePlus promises four years of updates in terms of security updates. Therefore, you’re fine to go until September 2026.

Advertisement WHAT COMPARES THIS TO THE COMPETITION? How does OnePlus’ software support compare to that of its rivals? The majority of smartphone manufacturers do, however, provide 3- and 4-year software support and security update promises. Google and Samsung, however, have recently gone above and beyond.

Starting with the Galaxy S22 earlier this year, Samsung began to guarantee four years of Android updates. And as we have previously seen, Samsung has surpassed that. Therefore, it is hoped that OnePlus would continue to upgrade the OnePlus 10T even after the three years are over. Naturally, a lot of this will depend on Qualcomm continuing to upgrade its products for the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.

Apple, of course, is way above most people. With iOS 16, it has finally stopped supporting the iPhone 6s, which has been updated all year long. Nearly 7 years’ worth of updates, or well over 6 years. And all Android manufacturers must make an effort to compete with and imitate it. As opposed to iOS, where Apple controls everything from the chipset to the software, Android has a lot more moving pieces.

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