YouTube Now Offers More Tools To Fight Fake Accounts

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Impersonated YouTube accounts are a really bothersome problem that is present. A few months ago, the firm acknowledged this problem and stated that it was being worked on. The Verge now claims that the business just announced some new technologies to aid in battling these fraudulent accounts.

WHAT ISSUE ARE WE DISCUSSING? When you become popular on YouTube, some evil personalities will attempt to con unwary viewers by using your likeness. These individuals would make a false account using your image. They would then enter your films’ comment sections and give away prizes to your viewers. They’ll include a website link.

The viewer would visit that website, assuming it was you. They are unaware that they have been redirected to a dangerous website. This websites provide advertisements or surveys, and things like these help the imposters fill their pockets with cash. That is obviously a very dishonest way to make money.

Advertisement Those fake accounts are being investigated by YouTube. Since this is a significant problem for the video-sharing website, YouTube has taken note and, more importantly, has taken action. Three helpful updates to YouTube’s policy have been made to help thwart spammers.

In the first place, channels won’t be able to conceal their subscriber count. The number of subscribers a fraudster has is the first telltale sign that they are a fraud. As of the time this article was written, MKBHD had an astounding 15.8 million subscribers. You’ll be aware that something is amiss if you come across an account with 134k subscribers that claims to be the real stuff.

The usage of special characters in account names will then be restricted by YouTube. People substitute special characters in their account names, such as C or Y, for other letters. They are able to create a moniker that is nearly comparable to the channel they are trying to emulate in this way.

Advertisement The Stricter comment moderation setting on YouTube is now more widely available. In response to the fraudulent accounts, YouTube started testing stricter comment filtering on a few YouTubers earlier this year. When turned on, YouTube will be more selective about the comments it accepts.

It appears that the corporation will reduce the amount of spam accounts that clog comment sections as a result of these measures. We must wait to see if this affects the spam accounts we observe.

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