Your First Look At The Xiaomi 12S With Leica Boost: Gallery

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On July 4, Xiaomi will release information on its flagship 12-series. Having said that, a Xiaomi executive has just given us our first glimpse of the Xiaomi 12S, thanks to the renders created by he shared via Twitter .

First glance at the Xiaomi 12S reveals that it will resemble the Xiaomi 12 in many ways. You can see this phone in the gallery that is included below the article. As you can see, the Xiaomi 12S and Xiaomi 12 are quite similar. Even the camera configurations may make it difficult for some of you to tell the two apart.

The Xiaomi 12S will include a curved display on the front and three cameras on the back. The package will also include a camera hole with a centered display.

Advertisement Although a Vegan Leather version will also be offered, at least in China, it appears that the device will be composed of metal and glass. It would appear that its front and back sides will be proportionate.

By the way, the phone is white in color. The glass on the rear is white, however the frame and camera system are both silver in color. This hue will undoubtedly get a fancy moniker from Xiaomi.

ALL THREE PHONES IN THE SERIES WILL BE FUELED BY THE SNAPDRAGON 8 GEN 1. Alvin Tse now supplied some specs along with the photographs. He said that this phone will be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor. That essentially verifies that processor will be used by all three Xiaomi 12S phones.

Advertisement He also said that Sony’s IMX707 camera sensor will be present in the Xiaomi 12S. That will serve as the phone’s primary camera sensor, and Xiaomi previously employed a similar sensor in its Xiaomi 12 series of phones. By the way, it will also be used by the Xiaomi 12S Pro.

You might be wondering what the Xiaomi 12S Ultra is like. The new 1-inch camera sensor from Sony, the first of its kind created particularly for smartphones, will be used by that device. We’re referring to the Sony IMX989 camera.

All three devices will include Leica lenses, and Leica and Xiaomi will work together to fine-tune the cameras.

Xiaomi 12S image 1
Xiaomi 12S image 2
Xiaomi 12S image 3
Xiaomi 12S image 4
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