You can view invitees on Google Meet who have not yet joined.

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Sometimes, after sending a Google Meet invitation, the recipient takes an eternity to join the call. Being unsure of whether they have even seen the invitation or are simply lax might be annoying. Tech Radar claims that Google Meet will now display a caller’s status even if they haven’t joined the call yet.

The recipient of an invitation made using Google Meet is placed in a virtual waiting area. You can check that you’re ready to attend the meeting there. You can get ready while in the waiting area since you won’t be seen or heard by people participating in the discussion.

Google Meet will display any invitee’s status, even if they haven’t joined yet. You can now see the person’s symbol from your view when you send an invitation to join a call. The designation of “also invited” will apply to that person. This informs you that the caller is not the person you invited. For phone calls with a small group of individuals, it’s not really necessary. It might be challenging to maintain track of everyone involved when presenting to a company with more than 100 employees.

Advertisement You may also examine a user’s RSVP status from the view. Before, using Google Calendar was the only way to see that status.

Another new function will come in handy if you need to get in touch with an invitee who hasn’t accepted. Right from Google Meet, you will be able to message the folks you invited directly. If any of the invitees forget about the meeting, this is a really effective approach to remind them.

If these features interest you, they are currently being released. If it hasn’t reached you yet, be patient because the rollout will take around two weeks to complete. There will be some tiers that do not receive these features because this concerns Google Workspace. If you don’t have an Essential, Enterprise, or personal plan, you can still enjoy these features.

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