Waze and Netflix Collaborate to Transform Users Into Pirates

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Who says navigating can’t be enjoyable? With the help of a new relationship with Netflix, the well-known navigation app Waze will offer users an unique driving experience based on The Sea Beast. Users will experience several UI modifications that will give them the impression that they are sailing a ship on the open sea (more or less).

WHAT DO SEA BEASTS DO? The Sea Beast is a brand-new Netflix original film that will be available on the service the following month. The two main characters in this pirate-era movie are followed throughout the narrative. One is a young girl named Maisie and the other is a pirate named Jacob Holland.

According to the legend, Jacob Holland and his crew are on the prowl for sea monsters. Against Holland’s wishes, Maisie sneaks onto the ship and joins the adventure.

Advertisement The trailer’s ending appears to be when the titular Sea Beast makes its appearance. To find out if that is true, you must view the film. On July 8th, Netflix will have the movie available for viewing.

A sea beast-based theme will be present in WAZE. Waze typically bases the themes of its software on newly released films, and this time is no exception. The widely used navigation app has changed how the interface appears. Blue, red, and yellow will be the first three of the new moods. If that’s not enough, a lovely addition will be made by turning your automobile icon into a lifeboat.

The little Maisie is one of the primary characters—and arguably the most endearing. A little blue monster she calls Blue and she become buddies.

Advertisement As she leads you, Maisy’s voice will be audible. Although we can’t guarantee that you’ll hear Blues voice, we anticipate some friendly banter between the two for extra amusement. You can download the Waze app and change the settings to use this new style.

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