Warcraft Arclight Rumble: All the Information You Need

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Warcraft Arclight Rumble, a strategy/tower offense game set in the Warcraft universe, was formally unveiled this morning by Blizzard for Android and iOS devices. Thanks to several reports, this game wasn’t entirely unexpected. But many things remained unknown until this morning’s revelation. The name, fundamental gameplay mechanics, and a lot more were unknown until recently.

Even though Blizzard hasn’t revealed much yet, curious players can still find out a lot of information as a result of today’s announcement. We’ll summarize all the information we currently have regarding the upcoming game. In essence, you may use this guide as your go-to source of knowledge regarding Warcraft Arclight Rumble. laying out every significant aspect of Blizzard’s first Warcraft game for mobile platforms.


Warcraft Arclight Rumble is a strategy game for mobile devices, as was already said. It is characterized as a tower offensive game by Blizzard and is situated in the Warcraft universe. This could initially appear to be just another Clash Royale knockoff. But it seems that Warcraft Arclight Rumble provides much more than just PvP competition.

Advertisement You’ll construct armies of well-known Warcraft characters, defend your base, and try to destroy your opponent’s base to win the game. That’s basically it. Fortunately, it appears like Blizzard built a ton of material within the game. For people (like myself) who aren’t big on PvP tower offense games, this is encouraging. In actuality, PvE and PvP game types will both be present in Warcraft Arclight Rumble. This implies that, even if you’re not a big lover of competitive gameplay, you’ll have something to get into into.

There are numerous methods to construct your strategy to accomplish your objective because there are over 65 characters to acquire and each character has their own special skills.

WHAT TIME IS THE RELEASE OF WARCRAFT ARCLIGHT RUMBLE? Although Blizzard hasn’t officially announced a launch date, it has stated that it hopes to get players their hands on the game this year.

Advertisement WILL THERE BE ANY TESTS OF GAMEPLAY? Yes. In reality, Blizzard has some upcoming regional closed beta tests scheduled for the near future. Though no start date for these tests has been specified. or which areas would be covered. Blizzard restricted the regional tests for Diablo Immortal to Australia, New Zealand, and portions of Southeast Asia. Remember this since Blizzard might want to expand the tests to the same areas.

WHAT AMOUNT OF GAME MODES ARE AVAILABLE? Blizzard doesn’t specify the precise number of game modes in total. However, there are various modes. a single-player campaign, PvP fights, cooperative play, and more.

Dungeons and raids can also be played cooperatively. enabling those seeking a greater challenge to take on more difficult content that involves teamwork from other players. Every week, different material will be available, according to Blizzard. has potential for new weekly raids as well as new weekly dungeons.

Advertisement The missions for lone players will include manageable strategic problems that must be solved, providing a little challenge. As of right now, Blizzard has confirmed the PvP, Co-Op, Dungeon, and Raid modes.


Characters are displayed in Warcraft Arclight Rumble as tabletop miniatures. Heroes and villains from the Warcraft realm are represented in more than 65 distinct miniatures. Leaders like Jaina Proudmoore, Tyrion Fordring, Maiev Shadowsong, and others are included in this. Below is a list of every leader who has so far been revealed, divided into the five families. which comprise Blackrock, the Undead, the Horde, the Alliance, and the Horde.

Advertisement It’s likely that Blizzard will continue to add new leaders over time. However, the ones listed below are what gamers can anticipate at launch. complete with succinct summaries of their skills. Please take note that at this time, due to a lack of information, ability descriptions are not totally precise.

ASSOC. LEADERS Tirion Fordring Strengthening ranks with defensive strategies Shadowsong, Maiev Using stealth to eliminate the enemy covertly or equipping forces with the ability to move quickly Jennifer Proudmoore using magic and healing to keep units alive while dealing a ton of damage ADVANCED LEADER Grommash Hellscream sends out forces that can strike quickly to saturate the battlefield Sneed Siege units collect more gold Cairne Bloodhoof utilizes area of effect stuns to manage adversaries BEASTS Charlga Razorflank disables opponent fortifications, allowing animal friends to swarm and overpower the enemy. Hogger sends out quick-firing troops LEADERS OF BLACKROCK Blackhand, Rend Flying units are discounted by one gold for quicker deployment. Searing elemental magic users are used by General Drakkisath to burn opponents to a crisp. UNSTABLE LEADERS Casting spells increases Bloodmage Thalnos’ strength with each one. Infinite undead armies are summoned by Baron Rivendare to haunt the battlefield. WHOSE MAPS ARE THESE?

Blizzard hasn’t yet made all of the maps that will be accessible official. The single-player campaign will have more than 70 playable maps. Gurubashi Arena, UnGoro, and more players are included. You’ll be able to find other maps in The Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, so don’t be surprised if you see ones for Orgimmar, the Under City, Stormwind, and other well-known areas. When more data about maps becomes available, we’ll update this page.

Advertisement ARE THERE ANY SOCIAL FEATURES IN WARCRAFT ARCLIGHT RUMBLE? Warcraft Arclight Rumble was created by Blizzard to provide a wide range of social features and advantages. Along with playing cooperative missions with pals, you can also start and join guilds to benefit from a variety of features. such as participating in raids and advancing toward daily and weekly rewards.

If you want to take a break and simply speak, you can do so with your guildmates in-game as well. With guilds in the game, anticipate significant difficulties and conflicts between guilds for even more opportunities to take pleasure in the mayhem.

How does game play progress work? You’ll face stronger battles and even tougher tasks as you go through the game. You will acquire experience points (XP) regardless of the outcome of combat so that all of your characters can level up. Each of your army units will become stronger as a result, and they will also receive more health and stronger abilities.


Characters can unlock talents as they level up. similar to Maiev Shadowsong’s Cloak Of Shadows, which causes her to cast smoke bomb to stealth all nearby friendly units, allowing them to maneuver around the map unnoticed. S.A.F.E. Pilots Comin In Hot! is another skill that erupts the battlefield with a volley of launched rockets to harm adversaries in the immediate vicinity.

You can use skills like Saboteur if you play with the Warsong Raider. When you strike a tower with this talent, the damage the tower deals is reduced by 50% for three seconds. Additionally, the Warsong Raider can become a siege unit with Single-Minded Fury, ignoring hostile troops.

Advertisement As you can see, there will be a wide variety of ways to win here. Therefore, experiment with different talents and mix and match your units to determine what works best for you.


There are going to be a lot of different techniques for you to use that can aid in your win because there are so many different heroes and villains that can be played. However, there are a few key goals you should pay attention to.


You will begin the combat by deploying units from your base. The game is over if the opponent destroys your base. Don’t let them to destroy your base, then. Beyond that, there are other strategic considerations and components.


On the map, they are crucial locations of control. Whoever has control of the meeting stone can send out troops from there. Future deployed units can start from here since they look to be in the middle of the map and will be closer to both the boss and the enemy base. You don’t necessarily have to control the meeting stones as your first goal. But they ought to be near the top of your list.


The guard towers act as an extra boost that can change the course of a battle. If you manage to take these, you’ll be in a position to attack the boss from the front of the battlefield.


You can come upon worthwhile landmarks on the map, such as gold nodes and treasure chests. Gathering these nodes should be a priority for you because doing so will net you more gold and useful items. Of course, the primary in-game money utilized to acquire and use more units is gold. Therefore, having these is preferable to having the enemy.

HYPERLINK THE UNITES Each set of units has its own advantages and disadvantages. You should therefore familiarize yourself with the units you intend to use in battle. Flying units, for instance, are effective against melee units. Guard towers sustain extra damage from siege units. Flying troops take higher damage from ranged units. Magical units are also effective against infantry. You could find it easier to win the war if you are familiar with these things.

ASSESS THE TRAILERS Several of Blizzard’s trailers are worth watching, including one that provides an introduction of the game and a dev insight film. A film and a gameplay reveal trailer are also included. Watch all of those down below.

Register in advance for the game. For Android devices, pre-registration for the game is currently available through Google Play. through battle.net here has a pre-registration option. You can also use the button below to go directly to Google Play.

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