Update for the Galaxy Wearable Is Full of Bugs, but a Fix Is Coming

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The companion software for Samsung’s smartwatches, earphones, and other wearable gadgets received an update recently. However, it appears that the upgrade did more damage than good. The most recent version’s failure to launch or frequent crashes have been reported by a number of users, making the program useless. Affected consumers have vented their outrage on internet forums like Reddit and Samsung Community, urging other users not to update the Galaxy Wearable app.

According to user reports, the issue appears to be with the app’s version The majority of people worldwide have already seen it since it launched late last week. However, many users are unable to access the app following the update. When the program does open, it usually crashes right away. Others have reported that when they attempt to open Galaxy Wearable, the screen goes blank.

Samsung has acknowledged the problem and stated that a patch is being developed. The business suggests an workaround to get the most recent Galaxy Wearable app up and running in the interim. A moderator on the Samsung Community forums claims that the issue arises when users don’t give the app permission to access nearby devices. Giving that permission should take care of everything.

Advertisement But it shouldn’t be required for the app to run and function as intended. Samsung is therefore attempting to identify the source of the problem. In the upcoming days, an update for the app will be released with the patch. However, there is no ETA for the upgrade.

USERS OF THE ONE UI WATCH 4.5 BETA MIGHT NOT HAVE THIS PROBLEM Recently, Samsung started evaluating One UI Watch 4.5 for the Galaxy Watch 4 line. For users taking part in the beta program, the business updated the Galaxy Wearable app. A similar fault momentarily affected this special version as well, but Samsung immediately fixed it, Tizen Help reports . The article continues, stating that the glitch also affected non-beta customers’ devices and that the Korean company is taking more time to remedy the problem for them. We’ll let you know as soon as the patch is available.

If you haven’t already, you might want to hold off on downloading the Galaxy Wearable app version for the time being. To check for updates for the app on the Google Play Store, click the button below. Before installing any updates, be sure to check the version number.


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