Top 30 Spear Tattoos For Men

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The spear is one of the most effective weapons of antiquity, and its design and materiality have managed to evolve so as not to stop being used today. In Europe, for example, they still use spears to hunt wild boar. The spear is the oldest martial art. The Japanese have preserved primitive techniques and have also created and taught techniques for their use; to throw and manipulate it.

If you practice athletics, you surely know it as a javelin. It is the same spear made of metal or fiberglass that is thrown with force and precise technique to make it go as far as possible. In Greek mythology, the spear that Achilles uses has the peculiarity of being able to heal the wounds that it produces, which in a tattoo could refer to the teachings that the hard challenges that you manage to face in life leave you.

In Japanese mythology, a spear decorated with jewels on its tip is plunged into the sea and gives birth to the island Onogro-Jima, giving all the credit to the spear. Also, in Viking symbols and their meanings, Odin’s spear, which is represented by the symbol Gugnir, has the power of always hitting the target and immediately returning to Odin’s hands. So the Gugnir symbol is a tattoo to refer to assertiveness and precision.

Spear tattoos, due to their proportions, are almost always located on long but narrow parts of the body, such as arms or legs at the sides, vertically on the ribs or on the sides of the fingers. A muscular and trained man about to throw a javelin is a very striking tattoo and also difficult to create. They are fabulous on the upper back, on the arm or on the thighs and calves.

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