Top 10 Android Video Player Apps, June 2022 Update

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We did our best to highlight the top Android video player apps out of the many that are available. You’ll discover 10 Android video player apps in the list below, and almost all of them are fairly flexible. There are more excellent video player apps in the Play Store, but we had to whittle the list down to about 10 to get to this point.

Please be aware that the apps listed below are not in any particular sequence. It doesn’t necessarily imply anything that one app is listed before another. Based on what you’re searching for in a video player app, each of these apps offers something unique to offer. You can find it below if you’re looking for something that will play a video locally. It’s not a problem if you need something for streaming. The same applies if you intend to run a local server, etc.

Top 10 Android Video Player Apps of 2022 The top 10 Android video player applications for 2022 are listed below in brief, along with any download and in-app purchase prices.

Cost of the in-app advertisement download (per item) The MX Player VLC BS Player Plex $0.99 to $149.99 AllCast FX Player $2.49 LocalCast $0.99 to $29.99 KMPlayer $1.99–19.99, XPlayer $3.99 $4.69 for BubbleUPnP Top 10 Downloads for Android Video Players in 2022 A brief description of each app is provided below, along with a direct download link.

All download links direct users to the Google Play Store listing of apps. Downloading programs from Google Play or another authorized app store is always advised for users.


Cost: No cost to download No to in-app purchases Size: Depends on the device Rating on Google Play: 4.2 out of 5 stars One of the most well-known Android video player apps is MX Player. But there’s a valid explanation behind it. This app has been excellent for a very long time and has been around for a while. The software has a fantastic user interface, is jam-packed with useful features, and can play just about any video format you can imagine. It has sophisticated hardware acceleration and subtitle support.

Advertisement The program supports gestures and provides multi-core decoding as well. The MX File Transfer feature, which is part of the package, enables the sharing of files, music, and applications. It also has the Kids Lock feature, allowing you to entertain your child without giving him/her too much discretion over what they watch. There are a ton more features present in this. Ads are present in the app’s free edition, but you can remove them if you’re prepared to shell out cash.

VLC “alt=”Grid image from VLC app 2022″>

Advertisement Cost: No cost to download No to in-app purchases Size: Depends on the device Rating on Google Play: 4.3 out of 5 VLC is definitely your best option if you want to play some unusual formats on your Android phone. This software is designed to play pretty much any file format you can imagine, and it excels at doing so. Before it found its way to Android devices, VLC was extremely well-liked on PCs, and it has been accessible in the Play Store for a while now. With time, the software only became better.

If you know the URL, this program can stream videos, and it also has all the required codecs built-in. Naturally, it does allow subtitles, and multi-track audio is also supported. The program has an audio control widget and facilitates the control of audio headsets. Additionally, the program enables aspect ratio changes, auto-rotation, and volume, brightness, and seeking control gestures.

BSPLAYER BSPlayer app picture advertisement “>

Cost: No cost to download No to in-app purchases Size: Depends on the device Rating on Google Play: 3.8 out of 5 Another video player that has gained popularity on PCs is BSPlayer. This app offers all the functionality you’d expect in a contemporary video player application, as well as a variety of playback styles. The app’s UI is flawless, and it supports multi-core HW decoding. It is possible to have background playback in the pop-up window, and both external and embedded subtitles are supported.

For whatever you’re about to view, the app can attempt to get subtitles, but obviously you’ll need an internet connection. It can play files straight from uncompressed RAR files as well as files from external disks that are connected to your devices. It has extensive codec compatibility and supports USB OTG. Without a question, this is among the top Android video player apps.

PLEX for advertisements “picture from the Plex app grid;

Cost: No cost to download From $0.99 to $149.99 in in-app purchases Size: Depends on the device Rating on Google Play: 4.2 out of 5 stars There’s a reason Plex is such a well-known app. This program is for you if you intend to broadcast content from a server. You can configure a server on your computer to maintain Plex connectivity across all of your devices. Once you’ve connected them, you’ll be able to play media almost anywhere and have access to it on all of the connected devices.

Advertisement If you frequently watch videos on your phone but don’t have a lot of storage, for instance, this is a perfect alternative. You may easily download all of those to your computer and stream them to your smartphone. The setup of the service is free, however the $4.99 mobile app requires payment. Access to Plex Pass is also available for $4.99 per month, which some of you will find valuable.


Cost: No cost to download No to in-app purchases Size: Depends on the device Rating on Google Play: 3.6 out of 5 AllCast is the best app for reverse casting if you’re seeking for one. Why does that matter? So that you can cast material from other devices to your Android phone, you can transform your phone into an AllCast receiver. Although not at much the main feature of this tool, that is nevertheless a fantastic thing to have. Actually, the main purpose of AllCast is to enable you to cast material from your phone to other devices, ideally ones with larger screens.

Advertisement It’s a terrific choice to use Chromecast to send video content or anything similar to your TV. It can cast content to a variety of DLNA-compatible devices, including Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, Xbox 360 and One. In addition to supporting videos, the app also supports other forms of media. While casting, the app’s free edition displays advertisements, although the premium version is always available for purchase.

alt=”LocalCast app grid picture 2022,” LOCALCAST “>

Cost: No cost to download $0.99 to $29.99 for in-app purchases Size: Depends on the device Rating on Google Play: 3.8 out of 5 LocalCast is a wonderful option if you intend to stream some content from cloud storage. Although this app allows for cloud storage streaming, that is not its primary function. In fact, this software and AllCast are pretty similar because they both let you cast multimedia from your phone to other devices. There are no issues with utilizing this program to exchange videos, music, or photographs.

A Chromecast, smart TVs, Nexus Player, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV (or Stick), Sony Bravia, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, and other smart TVs may all receive streams using LocalCast. You can stream to pretty much any other DLNA device, including Sonos, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and many others. The user interface of the software is highly appealing and intuitive, making it simple to use. Keep in mind that a Chromecast only supports a limited number of formats and codecs, so you’ll understand why some formats won’t transmit audio or video.


Cost: No cost to download $2.49 for in-app purchases Size: Depends on the device Rating on Google Play: 4.3 out of 5 The FX Player is a good option if you’re looking for a truly capable video player app that supports pop-up playback. With this app, you can view videos while performing other tasks on your iPhone. To be really honest, it functions similarly to YouTube’s picture-in-picture mode. This software would still be quite interesting even without that function because it is an excellent video player overall.

All popular video formats, including MKV, MP4, AVI, TS, WEBM, MOV, WMV, 3GP, ASF, FLV, MPG, OGV, RM, and many more, are supported by the software. In addition to playing high-definition videos and supporting all the audio and video codecs you could possibly require, it also features an automated optimization mechanism. Additionally, it supports the integrated hardware acceleration chipset.

XPLAYER “alt=”Grid image from XPlayer app”>

Cost: No cost to download $3.99 for in-app purchases Size: Depends on the device Rating on Google Play: 4.8 out of 5 stars One of the most attractive Android video player apps is XPlayer. This program has a gorgeous user interface that is simple to use and enjoyable to use. Additionally, this app has a floating window function so you may keep watching video regardless of what else you are doing on your phone. A broad variety of supported video formats are also included with XPlayer, including MKV, MP4, M4V, AVI, MOV, 3GP, FLV, WMV, RMVB, TS, etc.

High definition videos may be played without any issues, and hardware acceleration is supported. Your films can be kept secure by the program in a private folder that you can lock, of course. This program makes it simple to cast videos using Chromecast, and it does support subtitles. It has a quick mute option and a dark theme. There are a ton more capabilities in this app, which is one of the top-rated video player apps in the Play Store for a reason.


Cost: No cost to download $1.99 to $19.99 for in-app purchases Size: Depends on the device Rating on Google Play: 4.1 out of 5 stars KMPlayer might be the answer if you’d want to use your native tongue in a video player program rather than English. A whopping 30 different languages are supported by this app. Without a doubt, it is also an extremely good video player app. The majority of you will find the UI of this software to be really appealing. When necessary, it moves out of the way while still having a great appearance and being quite useful.

KMPlayer offers high-definition playback and allows you to bookmark where you left off with your video. You can change the brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, and gamma information in your movies, among other color tweaks. While the pop-up play feature is supported, videos can be inverted. The playback speed can be adjusted, and the program also has a timer feature.

“BUBBLEUPNP” alt=”App Grid Image from the BubbleUPnP” “>

Cost: No cost to download No to in-app purchases Size: Depends on the device Rating on Google Play: 4.3 out of 5 The software BubbleUPnP has a strange name, and it costs money. But it’s a really helpful app. This app might be the answer if you’re experiencing audio problems when casting to your TV. Not all codecs are supported by Chromecast, and I frequently get audio codec problems when streaming MKV files. That problem can be resolved by this program because it transcodes audio in real-time, thus it is not a problem.

Another thing it can do is extract embedded subtitles from MKV files that you normally wouldn’t be able to use while streaming and then let you use them once they have been downloaded locally. These are the two standout features of this app, which justify the price tag. All the other capabilities that you would anticipate from an app designed for streaming video (and other content) are included. It’s a fantastic app to have, without a doubt.

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