TikTok wants to address US security concerns in this way.

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Shou Zi Chew, the CEO of TikTok, wrote a letter to a US lawmaker outlining his company’s efforts to allay worries about the app’s potential impact on national security. The New York Times gets hold of the letter.

The Chinese video-sharing app is once again in the spotlight after some US senators said it allowed staff members in China to access user data in the US. The accusation was initially rejected by TikTok. It did, however, eventually acknowledge that some staff with offices in China had access to US user data. Brendan Carr, the top Republican commissioner for the Federal Communication Commission, called on Google and Apple to remove TikTok from their app stores as a result of the worries surrounding the situation.

To outline the strategy for resolving their concerns, the firm CEO then issued a direct letter to US lawmakers.

Advertisement Chew stated that the business plans to completely switch to Oracle cloud servers located in the US and remove all data that is protected by US users from its own systems.

To address their concerns about national security, the CEO of TIKTOK writes a letter to US senators. The CEO of TikTok claims they are working to dispel any concerns over the security of US user data. Chew also emphasized their partnership with Oracle to store the data of US consumers domestically. Both businesses are developing novel, cutting-edge data security safeguards.

Our ability to pivot toward a cutting-edge, market-leading system for safeguarding the data of our users in the United States, with strong, independent oversight to ensure compliance, is made possible thanks to that work, Chew continued.

Advertisement The dispute between US lawmakers and TikTok was initially ignited by a BuzzFeed News piece. According to the study, ByteDance personnel headquartered in China had access to US user data. While denying much of BuzzFeed News’ claims, Chew did admit that some of their staff members who are based outside of the US had access to US data. Later, he explained that our US-based security team has put the data under a number of strict cybersecurity controls and authorized approval methods.

Chew explained the internal classification system and approval procedure for TikTok’s data. On the basis of the classification of the data, the system gives levels of access. Access to US user data also needs permission.

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