TikTok fires staff members as a result of corporate restructuring

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Over the past few years, TikTok has experienced unfathomable success, and it doesn’t appear that this success is slowing down. Even still, some employees are losing their employment despite the company’s market dominance. Several of TikTok’s staff were let go, according to some persons with knowledge of the situation.

Like Apple and Nintendo, TikTok is one of those businesses that seems to be growing unabatedly. Despite a metric ton of controversies that have surfaced over the years, the famous short-form video-sharing network has been making other big platforms quake in their boots.

TIKTOK HAS NOW DISCHARGED A FEW OF ITS STAFF Employees have been let go by a number of businesses recently. Companies including Netflix, Niantic, and T-Mobile have all made layoffs. TikTok is the most recent startup to join the group, according to a number of sources (via Wired ).

Advertisement As of Monday, the corporation cut a number of positions in America, and more are likely. Employees in Europe were also made aware of the impending layoffs. How many employees were let go during this layoff is still unknown. However, according to one employee, the corporation only committed to hire around 100 workers. Considering that the corporation employs thousands of people nationwide, that’s not too awful.

DID THE COMPANY LAY OFF ANY OF ITS EMPLOYEES, SO WHY? We are now awaiting official word from the business. We must rely on inside information from those who have been impacted till then. This action was a part of a company-wide restructure, TikTok informed its staff. That says very nothing about what is happening.

David Ortiz, a former employee, said on LinkedIn that his termination was due to this. At this time, we are unable to confirm or deny that this is true.

Advertisement Another ex-TikTok worker mentioned how the global economy had an impact on the restructuring. Numerous businesses around the world are struggling financially as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. To survive, these businesses must make difficult choices and sacrifices.

As it turns out, there aren’t enough, shall we say, absurd dances in the world to counteract the impacts of a recession. For the time being, it appears that the losses from the popular apps are rather small.

We’re not certain, though, if these layoffs are bigger than we think. Furthermore, it’s impossible to predict if they’ll carry on. Let’s just wait and see, then.


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