These earbuds could be the end of everything.

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The business did begin its adventure by producing a pair of earphones, but the impending Nothing Phone(1) is stealing all the limelight. The Nothing ear(1) STICK appears to be the new set that the firm plans to distribute.

It’s simple to forget that Nothing first came out with a pair of earbuds with all of this Nothing Phone (1) nonsense. They were referred to as the Nothing Ear(1), and they got a lot of good feedback. They stood out due to their translucent construction.

THE NOTHING EAR(1) STICK EARBUDS WERE NOW DISCLOSED. The successor of the Nothing ear(1) earphones would be known as the Nothing ear, which anyone with even a modicum of tuition would have predicted (2). Carl Pei appears to be continuing to confound expectations, though.

Advertisement The well-known leaker Mukul Sharma has shared a picture of some earphones sporting the distinctive Nothing design. They are transparent and have red, white, and black accents. The words ear(1) STICK are printed on the clear plastic.

These earphones have only a few small visual variations from the previous model. To begin with, we can observe two microphones on the body of the ear(1) (one on the bottom and one in the center right above the colored dot). The microphone in the center is now spherical, and there isn’t one on the bottom of the STICK.

Next, both models of the earpiece have a side-mounted microphone. The STICKs microphone, on the other hand, appears to be a bit larger.

Advertisement Last but not least, we notice two distinct spots hidden beneath the transparent plastic of the STICKs. Viewed from the upper side, these appear to be the charging pins. You should consider that to be speculative and take it with a grain of salt.

MAYBE NOT THE NEXT GENERATION, These new headphones don’t appear to have a microphone based on the image that was leaked. If so, it’s possible that these are a less expensive variant of the original Nothing earbuds(1).

These can be a less advanced model with less Active Noise Cancellation and less cutting-edge technology. Since the corporation has mentioned nothing about these earbuds, this is purely conjecture.


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