There are no new features coming to Twitter Blue, only a new price.

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We all know that Twitter is a place where you may freely express your ideas and controversial viewpoints. This is accurate, but the business also provides a premium subscription that gives you access to some new services. However, news of a price rise for Twitter Blue was just made known to us.

With Twitter Blue, you can access several useful premium services for just a few bucks a month. The ability to undo tweets, reader mode for threads, ad-free browsing of articles, and more customizations are all included. Read our Everything You Need To Know About Twitter Blue if you have any questions.

A price increase is being experienced by Twitter Blue. Users used to pay only $2.99 per month for this service. For the service you receive, that pricing was fair. That will change, though. tweet from Max Weinbach claims that the cost of Twitter Blue is changing.

Advertisement The cost increases to $4.99 per month. That is a considerable price increase, which is only made worse by the platform’s lack of new features. Yes, despite the price increase, the feature set remains unchanged.

Undoubtedly, a number of people will stop using their services as a result of this. You can still use the subscription for some cool things. Not to be overlooked is the fact that the service will soon include the option to edit tweets. Users are still bombarded with adverts every few postings, though. Additionally, there are advertisements in tweet comments. That would appear to be the main complaint.

SNAPCHAT IS ALSO THERE. There are other social media platforms that offer subscription services in addition to this one. Additionally, Snapchat has a recently revealed service with the same name. Snapchat is not a streaming service, despite what it may seem like. People can test out brand-new features that are being added to this platform.

Advertisement The business just introduced a new desktop web client that allows you to use your computer to communicate individuals and make video conversations.

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