Themed Stations and Daily Digests From Twitter Are Added To Spaces

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According to Engadget , Twitter is purportedly developing two new features for its Spaces audio chat rooms.

When Twitter Spaces first launched, some industry observers even speculated that it would eventually replace Clubhouse and end up becoming a major draw for the social networking platform. But after less than two years, the original fervor surrounding Spaces has subsided, and the feature is no longer as new-fangled. Twitter, however, is unable to let it go. The corporation has informed TechCrunch that it is developing daily digests and themed stations for Spaces.

A preliminary glimpse of the app revealed that Spaces will have a new user interface and a number of new capabilities. Twitter, however, said that those screenshots were old and didn’t represent the finished product. Topic tags, a discovery tool available in Spaces, let users identify relevant chat rooms more quickly. Daily digests and themed stations both appear to be aligned with topic tags.

Advertisement Themed stations can divide chatrooms into multiple categories, such as music or sports, according to TechCrunch. Additionally, daily digests display a number of programs that you can launch with a single tap.

TWITTER ENHANCES SPACES WITH THEMED STATIONS AND DAILY DIGESTS There is little doubt that the present Spaces interface needs to be updated, and the topics require greater variety. Users will be able to find or create chatrooms with topics other than business or cryptocurrency with the aid of the new features.

In terms of how many of its users utilize Spaces on a monthly basis, Twitter has remained conservative. However, internal data that The Washington Post was able to access last year revealed that Spaces is not as well-liked as it might seem. According to the research, fewer than 1 million users were using the function in July 2021. By introducing new functions and updating the user interface, Twitter aims to increase interest in its audio chatrooms. There is no assurance, though, that people will find the new version appealing.

Advertisement The industry pioneer of audio chats, Clubhouse, is not firing employees or altering its business plan. Other businesses like Meta, Telegram, and Spotify added audio chat functionality to their platforms as well. There is still no evidence that their users are interested in audio chats.

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