The Top 10 PS5 Games

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We decided to compile a list of the top PS5 games worth your money if you already possess the platform or intend to purchase one soon. The PS5 may still be relatively new, so there aren’t many PS5-only games available for it yet, but there are plenty to get players started. These are the best PS5 games that the platform has to offer you right now, should you have received one as a gift, if you’ve had one since launch day, or at any other point in time.

In light of this, this list is arbitrary and will be updated as new PS5 games that we believe to be the best choices are released. The list will primarily change every month. Having said that, if you’re unsure of what to buy for your new console or the person you bought a new console for as a gift, our helpful guide can be of assistance.

SUMMARY OF THE TOP 10 BEST PS5 GAMES A brief description of our list of the top PS5 games can be seen in the table below. The table below lists every game along with links to purchase it if you’re short on time and just want to know which ones you should try.

Advertisement You can see the entire list with brief explanations of each game below the summary table. The PSN store links for games that are only available in digital form as well as links to purchase some of the games in physical form.

Price Where To Buy For Games Interlude/Episode INTERmission for the Final Fantasy VII Remake Wander To Yomi $19.99 $59.99 for PlayStation Store Elden Ring. A Dragon Like The Yakuza $59.99 Stray $29.99 (Free with PS Plus Extra andamp; Premium) SIFU PlayStation Store $39.99 Tales of Arise in PlayStation Store $49.99 Rift Apart, a Ratchet and Clank game From $39.99, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE/EPISODE INTERMISSION Amazon and Various Other Retailers Demons Souls

Where To Buy: Sony published the PS5 edition of Final Fantasy VII Remake this year, which was an improvement to the game that debuted in 2020. The game, which goes by the name Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, is identical to the original in terms of its in-game material. However, the PS5 hardware does provide you access to improved visuals and a quicker frame rate choice.

Advertisement However, the new Episode INTERmission DLC, which is fresh content, is more significant. You get to play as two new characters in this DLC. Sonon and Yuffie. Although you can’t directly control Sonon the way you can Barret, Tifa, and Aerith as the main controlled characters, Sonon is more of a backup character.

You can purchase the Intergrade version of Final Fantasy VII Remake, which includes the Yuffie DLC as part of the bundle, if you don’t already have the PS4 version. If you already own the PS4 version, you can upgrade for free to the PS5 version. Next, the Yuffie DLC costs only $20.

You started out as Yuffie in Episode INTERmission, traveling to Midgar while collaborating with Avalanche to infiltrate Shinra and take its potent new Ultimate Materia. It’s a thrilling ride that is undoubtedly worth taking. Particularly if you’ve played the 1990s original of Final Fantasy VII and want a major hit of nostalgia.

Publicity TREK TO YOMI

Price: $19.99 Availability: PlayStation Store Trek You play the role of Hiroki, a young samurai who is obligated by duty to defend his village and the people he loves, in the video game To Yomi. Hiroki has to cope with loss catastrophes and wickedness that will put his honor to the test along the way. before deciding on his course for the future.

A major theme running across the entire game is the line between life and death. Additionally, the story of Hiroki draws heavily on Japanese Shinto mythology for inspiration. Trek To Yomi is a well-wrapped treat for PlayStation owners that includes elegant sword combat, dramatic presentation, and a range of challenges. Additionally, it resembles a love letter to Akira Kurosawa’s cinema. Perhaps even more so than Ghost Of Tsushima’s Kurosawa mode, one of my personal favorites.

In addition, the game has a ton of collectibles that add to the lore and fun puzzles that change up the action and give players a break from the difficulties of sword battle. Additionally, this game is a must-have for under $20.

Announcement Trek To Yomi

Elden Ring is the newest FromSoftware title offered by Bandai Namco. In other words, if you’re up for a hard battle, this game is for you. If they haven’t already, fans of prior FromSoftware games should definitely check it out.

Elden Ring exposes you to a variety of challenging boss battles, as well as formidable weapons and armor, just like those earlier games. But unlike those earlier games, Elden Ring takes place in a sizable open world. You can therefore investigate much more, and doing so is recommended. You never know what you might find, after all. This will undoubtedly be 2022’s game of the year for many people. And you would deserve it. Since this is unquestionably among the top PS5 games available right now.



Where To Buy: Yakuza: Like A Dragon is the most recent title in SEGA’s venerable RPG series. The PS5 version of the game just came released on March 2, even though it has been available for months in the US and for more than a year in Japan. As a result, it is the ideal game for our list.

This version benefits from all the improvements and upgrades the PS5 has to offer. So anticipate greater frame rates and graphics. Instead of the well-known (and adored) Kazuma Kiryu, a completely new protagonist named Ichiban Kasuga leads the plot.

Additionally, it approaches battle in a somewhat different way. switching to the turn-based fighting that is typically found in JRPG games from the action-based beat ’em up gameplay. However, it still features a lot of the same idiosyncrasies as past Yakuza games.

Advertisement Therefore, you can be sure that it hasn’t given up the endearing quirkiness that contributed to the fandom of those games. Additionally, there are 15 mini-games that are without a doubt worthwhile to play if you occasionally need a break from the main game. This means that you will have PLENTY of playtime time with this game.

The full game may be played by one person, but it also supports online play, which you can only access with a PlayStation Plus subscription.

Price: $29.99 (Free with PS Plus Extra andamp; Premium) PlayStation Store Where To Buy In the video game Stray, you take on the role of a stray cat attempting to find its way home. During your journey, you’ll come across surprising allies in a long-forgotten city who just might be able to assist you in reaching your objective. In a way you never knew you wanted, Stray allows you to experience the world through the eyes of a cat. It is full of mystery, intrigue, and wonderfully soothing gameplay.

Advertisement There is much to adore here for cat lovers, from scaling buildings to dozing off all day. Even more enjoyable aspects can be found along the way, so keep an eye out for them. Like a trophy where you investigate what it is and then get your head stuck in a paper bag. Stray is a PS5 game that you really must get, costing $30 (or free if you have PS Plus Extra or Premium).


Price: $39.99 and above Where To Buy: PlayStation Store SIFU is a recently released martial arts action game for the PS4 and PS5, with incredibly difficult combat and a captivating narrative. As of today, the game has been officially launched.

In SIFU, you assume the part of a small child who sees their father die. You appear to pass away as well, but because to a unique talisman you carry, you are able to resurrect. After that, you train for years in order to get revenge on the people who hurt you and killed your father.

This is a must-have because of the stunning locations and exhilarating martial arts fighting.


Where To Buy: Tales Of Arise is the most recent entry in the storied Tales JRPG series. While it contains many of the beloved and well-known aspects of the original Tales gameplay, it also includes brand-new mechanics to keep things fresh and intriguing.

The combat’s dynamic action style is one of its most prominent aspects. It enables you to command a group of strong, diversified heroes, each with a unique set of abilities. While you will largely be in control of one character, you can enlist the assistance of the other heroes to fight with you.

You’ll experience hours of gameplay, stunning graphics, and a compelling narrative that will keep you riveted throughout. This game is currently on sale for $49.99, down from its regular price of $59.99. So now is a good moment to start.


Where To Buy: Even if you haven’t played any of the franchise’s earlier games, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart is a must-play game. It uses some of the DualSense controller’s exciting new features, for starters. Currently, there aren’t many PS5 games that accomplish this.

Beyond that, it’s just an enjoyable game to play. The gameplay is overall satisfying and there is a great tale. It’s a game you can easily get lost in and spend hours playing. having so much fun that you lose track of time.

Your task is to stop an extraterrestrial robot from destroying extraterrestrial worlds. You’ll unlock new powers and weapons that weren’t available in earlier games, and there’s even a pistol that can import objects from alternate universes into the gaming environment. similar to the enormous robot dinosaurs from Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Additionally, this game has an E for Everyone rating, making it appropriate for younger players. Compared to a lot of the other games on this list, which are actually not appropriate for children.

Guardians of the Galaxy by Marvel

Price: $39.99 and above Amazon and Various Other Retailers Where To Buy This was unquestionably one of the best and most enjoyable games of the year. It is highly recommended if you haven’t played it yet for the charming plot alone. This game features imaginary super heroes that protect the galaxy from extraterrestrial dangers, but it also tells a story about friendship and the relationships you form. and how you develop stronger ties through growing together.

Of course, the game also features some really great combat. And while the level of difficulty may not be as high as some would like, there is still enough difficulty to keep you on your toes. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy was, all in all, a wild voyage across space that provided epic levels of enjoyment. Because of this, we gave it a positive review.

This game usually costs $60, but Amazon is presently offering a $40 discount. So go ahead and take it up now.


Where To Buy: The top PS5 game currently in release rounds out our list. And is probably among the top PS5 games released during the console’s lifetime.

The PS3 version of Demons Souls has been faithfully recreated in this version. The majority of the game remains loyal to the original, despite a few minor modifications here and there like the updated graphics and a few other things like in-game goods that weren’t previously available.

Combat remains painful. Additionally, every battle you win is incredibly rewarding. Don’t miss this one if you enjoy challenging games that give you a strong sense of success in knowing that it will be too difficult for some to finish.

Combat is quite enjoyable once you get the hang of it, and you’ll undoubtedly spend hours repeating the game with new classes or experimenting with different strategies to defeat certain encounters. Not to mention looking for new and potent equipment to support you on the wild quest to obtain a platinum trophy.

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