The Pixel Game Dashboard Might Arrive on Other Devices

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Google creates the operating systems for all current Android gadgets, but it also has some extra treats for its Pixel line of gadgets. Game Dashboard is one of these features that are exclusive to Pixel. Game Dashboard might, however, be made available on more devices in the future, according to Android Authority .

Many smartphones come with overlays that come on while someone plays a game. These switch off some functions while turning on others. One of them, Game Dashboard, has some cool features.

Features like the ability to increase gaming performance are provided by this overlay. Additionally, the Game Dashboard will allow you to stream directly to YouTube. For Pixel owners who enjoy playing games on their phones, it is a valuable tool.

Advertisement RIGHT NOW, MORE DEVICES COULD GET GAME DASHBOARD Google wants to keep some features exclusive to its Pixel brand of smartphones, but it also makes some of them available on other Android handsets. This is really well-exemplified by Google Assistant. This appears to be what is occurring to Game Dashboard, but you should proceed with caution.

According to a recently found changelog (by Android Police ), the capability is available on a limited number of Android T-powered handsets. The most shocking part is that it mentioned “certain Android T” smartphones. It didn’t specifically mention Pixel smartphones.

This might indicate that non-pixel devices will soon be able to use the feature. Although it is a possibility, the selection of devices will be limited. It will only be compatible with Android T (Android 13)-powered devices, and that platform is currently in beta.

Advertisement Android 13 should exit beta testing in October if Google sticks to its release timeline. After then, it will probably take weeks before even the first wave of devices begins to receive it. If things continue as they are, Samsung’s phones will likely be the first non-Pixel phones to use Android Tiramisu.

In order to corroborate this, we’ll need to see additional changelogs in the future. It would be good to have that as a built-in function if the technology does make its way to other devices.

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