The Pixel 6a Receives The Android 13 Beta

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The Pixel 6a, Google’s newest mid-range phone, was just released. This phone came pre-installed with Android 12, however you can update it to the most recent beta version if you’d like. The newest Android 13 beta is now available for the Pixel 6a.

Currently, the most recent Android beta version has been available for some time. Our current version is 4.1 beta. Google is preparing the software for the official release even though it is quite late in the timeframe. In fact, it’s anticipated that the final version will debut rather soon this year.

THE ANDROID 13 BETA IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR THE PIXEL 6A. Similar to how you did with earlier Pixel phones, you can install the beta on your Pixel 6a. You must use a browser to sign that phone up for the program ( here is the page ). The list of your current devices and whether they are enrolled in a beta program are displayed when you first view the website.

Advertisement Your phone should appear on the list if you linked it to your Google account. Your Pixel 6a will appear to be unenrolled, but you will see a blue Opt In button; click it.

When you click it, a sizable pop-up window will open. You will now see the words “Agree to terms and conditions”; resist the urge to skip it because this information is very crucial. By signing up for the beta program, you can install experimental software on your phone. Even though this software is very advanced, it still won’t be completely stable.

It can be challenging to leave the beta program. All of the data on your phone will be deleted when you exit the software. There is a way to leave the software right now without losing your data, however it relies on when you do it.

Advertisement Along with three more quarterly platform releases, Google will deliver the software’s stable version (QPR). You’ll be upgraded to the most recent stable version of Android after installing these upgrades. You’ll be able to leave the beta program after applying these upgrades without losing your data.

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