The most recent Android 13 beta is here!

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The fourth and final beta of Android 13 is being made available by Google today. The formal release will be the following one. Thus, while there may be a few tiny issues inside, this is essentially the final release. The formal launch of Android 13 is just a few weeks away, according to Google’s press release. Therefore, it sounds as though it will arrive in early August or September. Unlike October, when Android 12 was introduced.

Given that this is the final beta, there aren’t many brand-new features in this version. The majority of this is fixing bugs and completing APIs. Now that their apps are prepared for Android 13, developers can start uploading updates to the Google Play Store. Google advises SDK, library, tool, and game engine developers to make compatible upgrades available as soon as feasible. If not, they might be stopped until they have your revisions.

Google also reminds developers to test out a few significant new features in Android 13. That also applies to the newly added runtime notification permission. Along with the JobScheduler Prefetch and the Clipboard preview.

Advertisement REMAINING TIME TO TRY ANDROID 13 BETA Despite the fact that this is the last beta, you may still sign up for the program and test out Android 13 before its official release in a few weeks. Your Pixel device here can be enrolled. You’ll receive an OTA update to switch from the beta to the stable release once the final version is available.

The Tuesday following Labor Day in September is often the day that the next version of Android is released. And it appears that this year might be the same. Last year was unusual because it really went on sale in October, a few weeks before the Pixel 6 was made available.

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