The Most Hated Company In The World Wants To Purchase VIZIO

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According to sources, Comcast is now in talks to buy a few different companies , but VIZIO has consistently come up in these stories. To enhance its smart TV platform, Comcast wants to buy VIZIO. Additionally, Comcast is investigating TP Vision, a provider of online entertainment.

It appears that these discussions started last year and have gone on into 2022, but there has been no indication of whether or not a deal is currently on the table. These discussions most likely took place at the same time as Comcast’s efforts to develop a combined streaming service with Charter Communications.

If Comcast were to acquire VIZIO and work with Charter to establish a streaming service, the platform might grow to be very large. Given that Comcast currently has Peacock, which is well-known for offering a free choice,

Advertisement A BUY BY COMCAST OF VIZIO WOULD PLACE THEM IN A SIMILAR SITUATION. LIKE AMAZON Under the NBCUniversal division of the business, Comcast would have its own studios. Under VIZIO, it would have its own TV hardware, and Peacock would serve as the link between the two. Similar to what Amazon now offers. Due to the fact that it offers Amazon Prime Video and creates its own TV hardware (and software).

Comcast would be able to control the entire process in this way, which might not be acceptable to the FCC and other regulatory authorities.

Over the past few decades, VIZIO has been among the largest TV manufacturers in the US. This means that Comcast is not merely manufacturing its own televisions or collaborating with a TV manufacturer to do so, as they did with Hisense for the XClass TV that was unveiled last year.

Advertisement As cable TV continues to decline, Comcast will benefit from using this as a clever strategy to expand and generate income. Everyone then switches to streaming.

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