The Fossil Watch with Wear OS 3 will have a companion app of its own.

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According to rumors, Fossil is creating a Wear OS 3 companion app for its watches. Reports 9To5Google . Officially announcing that such an app is being created, Fossil. In order for consumers to use the companion Fossil Watches app rather than the Wear OS app when its watches with Wear OS 3 release.

The new app will support Fossil smartwatches that receive the Wear OS update later in 2022, according to the Fossil team over on the Fossil Hybrids subreddit . The teams’ continued effort with Google to make this happen is also acknowledged.

It’s important to note that Fossil isn’t developing a whole different companion app specifically for Wear OS devices. For its Hybrid watches, it already has a companion app. Additionally, it is actively updating the software to support Wear OS 3 in collaboration with Google.

Advertisement TO GET READY FOR WEAR OS 3, THE FOSSIL COMPANION APP ALREADY HAS A NEW LOOK. Although there may still be some app development left, Fossil has already released an update. That upgrade has a fresh appearance. This is reportedly being done in advance of watches supporting Wear OS 3.

There might be some additional adjustments to the general design as the company and Google continue to work on the project. But generally speaking, it appears that the companion app’s current design will persist until Fossil watches are powered by Wear OS 3.

According to Fossil, some of the requirements for our entire portfolio of linked watches had an influence on the new app’s flow, functionalities, and other aspects. To do this, we are collaborating closely with Google designers to provide the best user experience to all users.

Advertisement Therefore, both groups will profit from the new design. wristwatch using the Fossils Hybrid system with Wear OS. Despite this, there is still no indication of when the Wear OS 3 update will be released. Unfortunately, Fossil hasn’t provided any precise dates.

Although it could be safe to say that it will be Fall or later given phrases like later this year.

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