The campaign co-op test for Halo Infinite is released by 343

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Today, as part of the test run, Halo Infinite will finally receive its initial iteration of the co-op campaign. Which is a little strange to say considering that campaign co-op was a feature that everyone anticipated to be added to the game at launch and then again during season 2. Prior to Infinite, every mainline Halo game had a co-op campaign from the start.

But with the release of its most recent Halo game, 343 Industries was simply not prepared to push it for whatever reason. The next Halo Infinite campaign co-op test flight was made available to Halo Insiders earlier this year. You would be able to take part in the test and play with friends if you signed up.

You should examine those emails to determine whether you were chosen because the test starts today.

Advertisement THE CO-OP TEST FOR THE HALO INFINITE CAMPAIGN SUPPORTS 4 PLAYERS You can now play the campaign with up to 4 others if you were chosen to take part in the test phase. The game is available on all three platforms, and you can play on any of them. which encompasses PC, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. The PC version of the game can be downloaded for free through Game Pass or purchased from Steam.

Cross-play is supported by the campaign co-op test as well. So don’t worry if your buddies use a different gaming platform than you do. On Zeta Halo, you may still team up and have fun together.

A mission replay functionality is also being added by 343 for testing. Another thing that the campaign lacked when the game first debuted last Fall was this.

Advertisement THE TEST WILL run through the remainder of the month. Even if you don’t intend to join right away, you still have time. The remainder of the month will be devoted to 343 says the co-op test flight. In more precise terms, it starts today and lasts through August 1 at 10am PT.

To check out the campaign with friends before it disappears once more, you have a full two weeks to do so. It’s also important to note that the exam allows you to complete the entire campaign. You can easily do it this weekend if you and your pals are committed. Then perform a second pass inside.

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