T-Mobile Adds More Than 80 New Locations For 5G Home Internet

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T-Mobile is increasing the number of areas across the US where it offers 5G home internet. The business on Thursday revealed that 81 more cities and towns in five states—Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma—now provide home internet service. Currently that the service has been expanded, it now serves five million more families nationwide, bringing the total to well over 40 million, with a third of those being in rural areas.

T-5G Mobile’s Home Internet, which debuted in April 2021, has experienced the quickest growth among US broadband providers in the previous 12 months. Since its debut, the company has increased the number of households it covers by millions. Within a year, it also attracted a million subscribers.

Customers find T-internet Mobile’s service appealing due to the simplicity of setup and installation as well as the company’s Price Lock policy. The business will deliver a gateway gadget to your door when you sign up. To get started, just plug it in and download the app. You’ll be up and running in under 15 minutes. No installation, no drilling, nothing. You may always phone or message a T-Mobile professional if you need assistance.

Advertisement T-5G Mobile’s Home Internet is available for a flat monthly fee of $50 with Autopay ($55 without Autopay). The business doesn’t impose any additional fees. There are no additional taxes or fees, no equipment expenditures, and no yearly agreements. Additionally, the business guarantees that the price will not go up as long as you stay a customer.

Additionally, families with the Magenta MAX phone plan may get 5G Home Internet for just $30 per month. Additionally, you will save 50% on YouTube TV for a year. Existing broadband users can move over more easily with T-Mobile. The service is available for a 15-day free trial as part of its Internet Freedom agenda. If a customer decides to switch after the trial period, the business will pay up to $500 in termination costs so they can end their agreement with the current supplier.

More US households are covered by home broadband with T-5G Mobile’s home internet. In places where no other carriers offer their broadband service, T-Mobile claims it will bring 5G Home Internet. More than 1.1 million homes included in the most recent expansion lacked residential broadband connectivity. One out of every four pupils in Oklahoma also lacks access to high-speed internet at home, while almost 40% of houses in Central Iowa lack high-speed broadband. The narrative is substantially similar in Kansas City, Missouri’s downtown area as well.

Advertisement Fast, dependable residential broadband is already widely available. T-Mobile stated in a news statement that access to dependable home broadband is still exceedingly scarce in far too many places. Its 2022. This must change.

The complete list of the 81 new cities and municipalities where T-Mobile is now providing 5G Home Internet here is available.

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