Spotify Enhances Nest Hub Smart Displays With Real-Time Lyrics

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Real-time lyrics are now available on Spotify for Google Assistant Smart Displays like the Nest Hub. All other significant platforms, such as Android, iOS, TVs, consoles, and the web, already offer the feature.

Spotify lyrics on the Nest Hub are accessible to both Free and Premium users, as first noted by 9to5Google . When viewing fullscreen media controls, the lyrics button is situated next to the heart/favorite button in the bottom right corner of the display. By pressing this button, lyrics that are currently synced to the music will change the background image. The currently playing vocal line is highlighted in the center of the auto-scrolling text. You will notice a beaming musical notation if there is only music and no vocals.

Along with the controls and progress meter, Spotify also displays the lyrics’ subsequent lines at the bottom of the screen. This is beneficial when singing along to music while reading lyrics on a smart display. You already know what the song’s next verse is going to be.

Advertisement As long as you don’t manually turn it off, lyrics will remain on. Therefore, switching between tracks on your Nest Hub won’t turn off lyrics. When a song is finished, Spotify adds that the lyrics were provided by MusixMatch, the same company that supplies lyrics on other platforms.

NEST HUB GETS REAL-TIME LYRICS FROM SPOTIFY Spotify’s real-time lyrics are nothing new. The major player in music streaming has offered the option for more than two years. However, it didn’t reach the US until last November. To their credit, the company moved quickly to spread it out to smart screens.

One of the greatest gadgets for listening to music is a smart display, which is superior to phones, TVs, and computers. Therefore, it seems sense that music streaming services would offer their best features on these gadgets. Real-time lyrics for smart displays were first made available in late 2018 by Google’s now-defunct music service Play Music, but users had to explicitly ask Google Assistant for them.

Advertisement Unfortunately, YouTube Music, the service that succeeded it, didn’t provide the same functionality. On the online and in the mobile YouTube Music apps for iOS and Android, static lyrics are available. On smart displays, however, not. Now, Spotify is bridging that gap.

Lyrics from Spotify appear to be widely available on the Nest Hub already. It ought to soon be available on the Nest Hub Max and other Google Assistant Smart Displays. If the function hasn’t arrived on your device yet, keep an eye out for it soon.

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