Soon, At a Glance may begin displaying Ring doorbell notifications.

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Google may soon update the Pixels At A Glance widget to include support for Ring doorbell alarms. Recently, code strings connected to this feature were discovered by Mishaal Rahman of However, the support hasn’t been formally announced by the corporation.

The At a Glance widget recently included doorbell alerts. Last month, Google broadly released this function. When your doorbell rings, you can quickly see who is at the door thanks to this. The message will also identify the person if Familiar Faces recognize them. You don’t even need to unlock your phone if it’s locked or launch any apps. You will also receive the doorbell camera’s live feed on your lockscreen. When you tap it, the entire app will launch, allowing you to take action.

At launch, Google is only allowing doorbells from its in-house brand Nest to use this feature. See who’s at the door when your Nest doorbell rings is specifically stated as the toggle for this function on the At a Glance settings page. To see who is at the door when your Nest or Ring doorbell sounds, the firm may soon change this, according to spotted by Rahman. This indicates that Google may soon add support for Amazon’s doorbell gadgets.

Advertisement The most recent version of Android System Intelligence contained this code string. It’s not obvious how far Google has come in integrating Ring doorbell alerts with the At a Glance widget. So, it’s impossible to predict when people will receive it. Maybe later this year, with Android 13, the support will be available. The code string was discovered in the Android 13 version of Android System Intelligence, which explains why. When we have more information, we’ll let you know.

Google is still working to make the At A Glance Widget better. One of the coolest Google Pixel-only Android features is the At a Glance widget. On your homescreen, you may access contextual information on the weather, traffic, upcoming events, and many other topics. This makes using your smartphone for numerous daily tasks easier.

At a Glance’s functionality has seen a significant improvement over time thanks to Google. And the widget keeps getting more functionality added. One of the most recent enhancements is the doorbell alert. You can check the timer you set on a Nest Hub from the At a Glance widget on your Pixel phone thanks to cross-device timers. Additionally, the business is getting ready to enable updates on food deliveries and the whereabouts of your ride-hailing cabs like Uber and Lyft.

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