Sony Introduces Inzone Gaming Headphones and Monitors for the PC and PlayStation 5.

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The Inzone series, which comprises of two gaming monitors and three gaming headsets, is aa1’s newest line of gaming hardware. The collection, Sony’s first effort to develop gaming hardware that goes beyond its PlayStation system brand, is geared toward PC and PS5 users.

The M3 and M9 monitors, as well as the H3, H7, and H9 headsets, are all part of the new hardware line. They have a style that undoubtedly draws inspiration from the PS5. These pieces of equipment were rumored last week, but Sony has now confirmed them.

The M9 monitor, the company’s flagship item, has HDR Tone Mapping, a 27-inch 4K display, and a 144Hz refresh rate. Additionally, according to Sony, it offers a 1ms gray-to-gray response time, supports NVIDIA G-Sync, and is HDMI 2.1 and VRR compatible.

Advertisement The M3, on the other hand, uses a panel that is the same size at 27 inches. However, it reduces the resolution to 1080p while increasing the refresh rate to 240Hz. According to Sony, the M3 will go on sale this Winter for $529 and the M9 will cost $899 this Summer.

Today, Sony will start selling Inzone gaming headsets. All three headsets are presently on sale, however the monitors might not be available until later this year. Retail price for the entry-level H3 is $99.99. It is comparable in price to Sony’s Pulse 3D headset for the PlayStation 5, so. The H3 is not wireless, however keep in mind that not just PS5 owners will buy one. Sony considers Inzone to be primarily a PC gaming brand. But according to Sony, every product is still ideal for the PS5.

You may upgrade by purchasing the H7 for $229.99 and the H9 for $299.99. All three headsets offer 360-degree spatial audio, however Sony’s Inzone Hub PC software is necessary for this. This most likely means that PS5 users won’t have access to the same functionality as PC users.

Advertisement According to Sony, players may anticipate a battery life of up to 32 hours with the H9 and up to 40 hours with the H7. which is around the same price as the majority of other gaming headsets.

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