Save almost 50% on the Halo Band and Halo View fitness trackers from Amazon.

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The Halo Band and Halo View fitness trackers are available on Amazon for $45 each as part of an early Prime Day promotion. Between the two types, the Halo View actually has a display, which is the sole significant distinction (and is originally cheaper, somehow).

Although the Amazon Halo Band is a reliable health tool on its own, the membership to the health and wellness program Amazon Halo, which aims to help you better your health by understanding it, offers even more benefits.

Numerous high-quality on-demand workouts, daily meditations, guidance for your sleep and diet, and more. A more accurate measure of health than weight or BMI alone is body fat percentage analysis. Keep track of your steps, movement intensity, and active and inactive time. Examine your sleeping habits, including how frequently you wake up during the night. To better understand how you come across to others, consider your voice tone. Get a customised plan to help you get better over time after measuring the health of your movement.

Advertisement Members of Halo get complete access to our growing selection of features, tools, and programs, such as Body composition and Tone. Non-members can still access fundamental functions like steps, heart rate, sleep time, and sleep monitoring via the Amazon Halo Band and Halo app.

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The Halo app’s Discover section allows you to browse our constantly expanding selection of premium exercises and programs, including SWEAT and Halle Berry’s rspin. Halo always has a new technique to assist you in working out, sleeping better, reducing stress, eating healthier, and more, regardless of your goal, schedule, or style.

Advertisement Our ability to reach, bend, and accomplish other common tasks has a significant impact on our quality of life. The Halo Movement Assessment measures your mobility, stability, and posture precisely using the camera on your smartphone. It then generates a score for your movement health and a customized action plan to help you become better.

The Halo and View fitness trackers are available on Amazon right now by clicking here. .
Amazon Halo andamp; Halo View – Amazon

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