Samsung’s Galaxy A02s, Galaxy A21s, and Galaxy A03s Get Android 12

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This week, Samsung is distributing Android 12 goodies to a number of entry-level and low-cost handsets. The significant Android update is available for the Galaxy A02s, Galaxy A03s, and Galaxy A21s. All of the company’s eligible flagship and mid-range devices have already received the updated Android seed.

Users of the Galaxy A02s in Russia are currently receiving the Android 12 upgrade. It comes with Samsung’s One UI 4.1 proprietary software and firmware version A025FXXU4CVF4. The sizable OTA (over the air) software package also includes the June security patch, which was released recently and addresses about 70 vulnerabilities. Other markets, including the US, should soon see the phone running Android 12.

In Russia, the Galaxy A21s is also the first device to receive the Android 12 upgrade. The getting One UI 4.1 is also available to users of this low-cost handset, which is rolling out with firmware version A217FXXU8DVF6. Also included in the bundle is the security patch from June. In the upcoming days and weeks, users of this phone in additional markets can anticipate the significant Android update.

Advertisement A little more people now have access to the updated Android software for the Galaxy A03s. As of this writing, Android 12 is available to customers in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Serbia. Other markets should shortly be added to the rollout. The June security patch is also being downloaded by this phone, although One UI 4.1 is not included. Instead, Samsung is giving this budget smartphone seeding One UI Core 4.1. It is a simplified version of the company’s proprietary software.

However, the majority of One UI 4.1 features are still there in One UI Core 4.1. The Galaxy A02s, Galaxy A03s, and Galaxy A21s will soon come with a Color Palette, new privacy indicators, a Samsung Keyboard that integrates Grammarly, improved widgets, new camera features, new editing tools, an improved Calendar, an improved Samsung Internet, an improved Dark Mode, new accessibility tools, simpler brightness control, and much more.

THEIR LAST IMPORTANT ANDROID OS UPDATE IS APPLIED TO THE GALAXY A02S AND GALAXY A21S Do not worry if you use a Galaxy A02, Galaxy A21, or Galaxy A03 and you haven’t yet received Android 12. Soon, the updated Android version will be available. A notification asking you to download the OTA update should be on the lookout for. The Settings app’s Software update section also allows you to manually check for updates.

Advertisement The Galaxy A02s and Galaxy A21s should receive this as the final significant Android OS update. Both devices initially shipped with Android 10, and now both get the promised Android 11 and Android 12 updates. The Galaxy A03s, on the other hand, launched with Android 11 and should be capable of one more significant Android update, Android 13. The upgrade will be released sometime in 2019.

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