Samsung Is Trying To Seal A Deal With Tesla As A Supplier Of Cameras

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According to confirmed , Samsung is in discussions with Tesla to provide this electric vehicle maker its camera lineup.

Samsung and Tesla have been working together for years, but neither company has publicly announced it. The story is once again making headlines today. The negotiations between Samsung Electro-Mechanics and Tesla as a camera supplier have been confirmed.

Of course, the corporations have only begun preliminary discussions, so they are not at an advanced level. Samsung hasn’t disclosed any information regarding the size or possibilities of the contract.

Advertisement Samsung has previously outlined its plan for expanding the variety of cameras it offers. According to a previous statement made by the Korean firm, its camera modules are being improved and diversified.

According to reports, SAMSUNG supplied the cameras for the Tesla Cybertruck. Samsung debuted ISOCELL Auto 4AC, its first photo sensor for automobiles, last year. The same year, it was said by certain sources that Samsung would consider being a potential $436 million camera provider to Tesla Cybertruck.

The sources claimed earlier this year that Samsung Electro-Mechanics could outcompete LG in supplying cameras to the Tesla Cybertruck. Samsung then clarified that it didn’t take part in the auction.

Advertisement The value of a prospective new agreement between the two businesses is still unknown. Additionally, the preliminary nature of the discussions between the corporations raises the possibility that no contract will be signed. Other manufacturers, like LG and perhaps even Sony, might become the American EV manufacturer’s next partners if Samsung is unable to reach an agreement with Tesla.

Cybertruck will be put into production, according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, around the middle of 2023. He later referred to this timeline as being a little too optimistic.

This is not the first time Samsung and Tesla have partnered to provide cameras for their electric vehicles. Tesla is now receiving batteries from the Korean supplier. Additionally, Samsung is getting ready to give Tesla its 4680 cylinder batteries. Samsung’s partnership with the largest EV maker in the world is strengthened with the completion of the camera supply agreement.

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