Samsung CEO believes that if it weren’t for the US ban, Apple and Huawei would overtake them.

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It’s not exactly a secret that the US embargo significantly impacted Huawei’s business. The business was dominating the worldwide smartphone industry and was en route to capturing it all. The ban, however, caused that to change. Phone Arena says that Huawei’s CEO made an odd claim, stating that if the US ban hadn’t been in place, Samsung would currently be behind both Apple and Huawei.

If not for the US ban, Huawei’s CEO believes that Samsung would pursue both Apple andamp; HUAWEI. According to the company’s CEO, Richard Yu, Apple and Huawei may be the two biggest makers of mobile phones in the world if it weren’t for US meddling and suppression of “Huawei.”

Other tiny producers include the Korean business Samsung, which may sell mostly in the US and South Korean markets, he continued. He even went so far as to omit using the company’s name, Samsung.

Advertisement What would occur if Huawei wasn’t banned is merely a supposition at this point. It’s likely that it would continue to rank extremely high. You must keep in mind that Samsung is still, by a wide margin, the world’s top smartphone OEM.

What would have transpired is unknown to us. However, it appears that Huawei’s CEO thinks that Samsung would lose customers to Huawei. He thinks Huawei has a great chance to do that, to unseat Samsung as the leader of Android.

SAMSUNG WAS BROUGHT BACK BY HUAWEI IN 2020. What’s intriguing is that Huawei really overtook Samsung to become the leading smartphone producer in the world back in April 2020. The business partially fulfilled its pledge from 2018 by accomplishing that.

Advertisement The problem is that, after the US ban declaration, great sales in China supported that market push. The situation deteriorated from there. However, if not for the US embargo, who knows. Definitely on the right track was Huawei.

Although Huawei continues to promote its products, many consumers have lost interest due to Huawei’s lack of access to Google Play Services and other restrictions. Yet, that is regrettable. The business is doing a great job with its own Android app store, and Huawei’s devices continue to be incredibly alluring. However, the decline is understandable.

What would transpire if the ban were abolished would be intriguing to observe. Nothing currently indicates such, but who can predict what will take place in the future.


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