Review of the Mavix M9: Possibly the World’s Best Gaming Chair

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I must admit that I had my doubts when Mavix first asked us to review one of its gaming seats, such as the M9. primarily because I’ve tried a couple various gaming chairs throughout the years and typically hate them after six months.

That’s partly because some of them seem cheap. Some components don’t feel as though they were well-made. The greatest brands still cost hundreds of dollars, though. In short, I’ve never had a pleasant experience with a gaming chair. Not awful, but not fantastic either. Because eventually they only lead to muscle strain and problems.

Let’s just say that I didn’t think Mavix could do much better, but I was prepared for it to disprove my doubts since, let’s face it, this is one hot gaming chair. And the reason for it is that it doesn’t exactly resemble a gaming chair. There is a valid reason for that as well. Mavix, which has its origins in ergonomic office chairs, was introduced in 2020 by parent business X-Chair.

Advertisement That’s what really caught my eye, though. Since I’ve been using an ergonomic chair for a few years, Which had been a blessing for the muscles in my neck and back. I’ve been using the Mavix M9 for the past few months, and Mavix has won me over. But how does the M9 compare overall? Let’s investigate.

The most comfortable gaming chair I’ve ever sat in is the MAVIX M9.

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Is this the world’s most comfortable gaming chair? Since I haven’t sat in every gaming chair available, I can’t answer with certainty. I’m thinking specifically of the Embody chair from Logitech and Herman Miller, which I could see as the M9’s major rival.

What I can say is that this comfort is unmatched by any other gaming chair I’ve sat on thus far. not just the chair, but in all respects. The Cool Gel memory foam seat is soft and forgiving to begin with. After sitting in it all day, it not only keeps my bottom cooler than conventional gaming chair seats but is also wider than the typical racing-style bucket seats in most gaming chairs.

Advertisement Additionally, the memory foam in the seat gives everything the appearance of conforming to my unique body shape. The comfort of the seat hasn’t yet been affected by my daily 8–9-hour workdays and a few hours of gaming. And based solely on the first few months of use, it already seems like it will endure well.

By inserting it into the rear of the lumbar support, you can also pay a fee to add some other optional functions. Although this tiny insert is a little more expensive, it includes cooling fans, a heated element, and even a massage button.

I’ll confess that the heat and massage features aren’t nearly as effective as those of a real massage chair. Yet they are helpful. The fans, however, were what I enjoyed the most. They are going to be quite useful as we move into the summer.

Advertisement I’ve never, for personal use, felt this good about any other office or gaming chair I’ve sat in. This chair is more comfy than the Autonomous Ergo Chair 2, which I was using immediately before. Although, to its own credit, it was still light years ahead of anything I had previously.


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I don’t say this to disparage the Mavix M9’s original armrests. Alternatively, any Mavix model. They’re good. But that’s all there is. They are perfectly fine. Not fantastic and hardly distinguishable from any other armrests that come with other gaming chairs.

However, the optional FS 360 armrests are a game-changer. They resemble standard 4D armrests if armrests reached maximum level and unlocked all of their abilities. They move forward, backward, up, and down. Additionally, they can pivot either inside or outward in your direction. Additionally, the actual portion of the machine where your arm rests rotates 360 degrees.

Advertisement And doing so enables you to discover the most best spot for your arms to rest. ergonomically and in other ways. For instance, when I’m working, I can leave them at their standard width. I can then turn the arms inward while maintaining a straight top surface when I play games on the PS5.

This makes it easier for me to hold a controller for extended periods of time by keeping my arms a little closer to my torso. Additionally, you can lock the arms in place to prevent unintentional movement. However, I do have at least one issue. You cannot lock the armrests in any position.

They only lock at two locations, so you might need to be a little more careful not to apply too much pressure. However, compared to other devices I’ve tested, I do notice that they move less. that is fantastic.


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The ergonomics of the Mavix M9 and its siblings set them apart from other gaming seats. A lot of this gear can be adjusted, and it’s all designed to be comfortable while still preserving the health of your muscles and joints.

No matter what you’re doing, Mavix has meticulously developed what feels like every component of this chair to keep you in an ergonomically ideal position. For instance, the seat has small groves where your legs can rest. which lessens some of the pressure they are under. Your legs seem to be receiving a small hug from the seat.

Additionally, the seat depth may be changed, allowing you to maintain an ergonomic angle for your legs regardless of your height. Of course, the seat height can also be changed in combination with this. Support for the neck and head is a little more subdued. but still offer plenty of comfort. When you lean the seat back farther, the head rest’s tilting function and ability to adjust up and down are really helpful.

Advertisement Speaking of reclining, the Mavix M9 allows you a 120-degree recline. Although it’s not quite flat, it’s near. allowing you to slip in a little nap with just a couple of quick changes. Two knobs on the bottom control the back tilt and the reclining, respectively. If you wish to swiftly recline the seat back all the way, there is a lever that simply disengages the tension.

Mavix employs a fabric it refers to as Advanced Tensile Recovery for lumbar and back support. which, according to the manufacturer, offers more give and spring while also being more breathable than conventional materials. To give the backrest a more luxurious appearance, it is then layered with a soft fabric that feels almost as soft as ultra-soft leather on top of the ATR. The seat is covered in the exact same material.

Overall, even after sitting on this chair for what is typically 12 hours a day with the occasional standing break, I haven’t felt any back, shoulder, or neck pain.

Advertisement EVER, THE EASIEST ASSEMBLY The Mavix M9’s simplicity of assembly was virtually my favorite feature. Granted, I would have preferred if it had already been put together. However, Mavix typically doesn’t provide that since the chairs are sent in fragments.

Nevertheless, it didn’t really matter because assembling the M9 was simple enough. In actuality, it was simpler to assemble than any chair I’ve ever built. I pulled everything out of the package and had the chair set up for sitting in less than 15 minutes.

Additionally, Mavix gives you a link to their collection of assembly videos that walk you through every step in place of your standard instructions. Which was enjoyable and more enjoyable than reading through a manual, in my opinion.

The Mavix M9 was a breeze to set up in comparison to certain gaming chairs, which can be not only more time-consuming to install because each piece must be put together individually, but also more complex.

IS THE MAVIX M9 $999 VALUE? Since the M9 is an expensive chair, I have to admit that I have mixed feelings about it. And just like with any gaming accessory, including headsets, keyboards, mouse, controllers, and gaming rigs, some gamers only want the best-in-class. They don’t give a quality product much thought, and that’s okay.

The chair you sit on while gaming is one thing, though, that I would urge people to invest in. The rest is just a side note. Because the chair affects your health and is something you’ll sit in for hours on end. With the right chair, you can prevent years of unneeded back, neck, and shoulder agony in the future.

So, is the Mavix M9 pricey enough? I agree, even though the price is a lot to ask. It’s important to note that for this price (which rises to $1,165 with the FS 360 armrests), you’re getting a chair that’s reasonably priced compared to certain high-end ergonomic seats. which, thanks to their comfort, can also be fantastic for gaming.

The M9, in my opinion, comes out on top in this comparison since it provides many of the same features at a quality that is nearly as excellent as those chairs for a lower price. Your body will appreciate you if the expense doesn’t keep you here.

Mavix M9

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