Price Increase For The Galaxy Z Fold 4 Over The Fold 3

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Recent information suggests that Samsung’s foldable Galaxy Z Flip 4 may be more expensive than its predecessor. We currently have some pricing information on the Galaxy Z Fold 4, and it’s not good. It appears that the larger foldable will cost more when it launches than the 2021 variant.

A price increase for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 may also occur. A European store has already listed the Galaxy Z Fold 4 in advance of its arrival next month, as discovered by Gizpaw . According to the listings, the phone’s 256GB storage option costs $1,863, while the 512GB variant costs $1,981. Samsung also intends to provide a 1TB storage option for the upcoming foldable. Although it hasn’t yet appeared on the retailer’s website, it’s safe to infer that it would cost more than $2,000 in total.

Of course, these prices aren’t typical, and they might merely serve as temporary placeholders until Samsung formally releases the rates. But the placeholder prices typically don’t deviate significantly from the official costs. The 256GB and 512GB Galaxy Z Fold 4 might therefore cost $1,849 and $1,999, respectively. This would result in price increases of 50 and 100, respectively, compared to the Galaxy Z Fold 3’s two storage options.

Advertisement It’s important to note that the Galaxy Z Flip 4 was also advertised by the same European vendor with a comparable price increase. And it’s unlikely that this hike will only be in the area. Samsung’s fourth-generation foldables could be more expensive in the US than third-generation models. This increase may have been compelled by the supply chain problems brought on by different variables and the resulting rise in component prices.

According to reports, the Korean company is expanding the suppliers of its component parts in order to increase cost effectiveness. The new foldables use batteries from three separate manufacturers: Samsung SDI, LG Energy Solution, and ATL. These diversifications aid in lowering the cost of manufacturing. However, it doesn’t seem like that would be sufficient to even maintain the price at its previous level, let alone lower it.

The date for Samsung’s next Galaxy Unpacked event has been revealed. Samsung just disclosed the release date for its next-generation foldables after months of leaks, rumors, and conjecture. On August 10, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 will debut. Although it hasn’t yet confirmed it, the company will probably also introduce the Galaxy Watch 5 series at the forthcoming Galaxy Unpacked event. At the event, we anticipate seeing the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro for the first time. We’ll keep you informed on all the most recent developments.

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