Potential Chinese company displays for the Galaxy Watch 6

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If not a display company, then what is Samsung? We are aware that the Korean juggernaut uses its own displays in its own (and other firms’) products, but the Galaxy Watch from the upcoming year could change that. Samsung might be able to locate a new source for its Galaxy Watch 6 displays, according to Naver .

Yes, it seems strange to discuss the Galaxy Watch 6 while still hearing speculations about the Galaxy Watch 5. However, this might represent a significant turn for the business. We are aware that Samsung loves to include its own displays in its products. It has established a reputation as the king of exhibitions.

The Galaxy Watch 6 could, however, get its OLED displays from a different company. According to many insider reports, Samsung contacted a different vendor to supply the displays for the brand’s upcoming premium wristwatch. The business is called BOE, and it is situated in China. The biggest manufacturer of displays in China is this business.

Advertisement The insiders were able to confirm that Samsung actually signed the necessary paperwork and is working closely with the business to iron out the finer points of the production. They are discussing issues like production time, thickness, etc.

The business that made the displays for watches has historically been Samsung Display, but BOE could make some or all of the displays for the upcoming smartwatches.

THE GALAXY WATCH 6 MAY NOT BE THE END OF IT There is debate about BOE providing displays for phones next year in addition to providing displays for the Galaxy Watch 6. According to reports, the company may also provide displays for foldable phones the following year. As anything made by BOE will most certainly launch more than a year from now, that is currently simply speculative.

Advertisement The majority of people will be surprised if Samsung does choose to source its displays elsewhere. This business is responsible for providing OLED displays for the majority of current smartphones. We’ll just have to wait and see if this is a part of the company’s bigger picture.

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