Play Store no longer displays “Permissions” as Google demands data security

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The Permissions list appears to be being removed by Google from the Play Store. Both the mobile app and the web version of the store no longer disclose the permissions an app may need to operate properly, as first noticed by Mishaal Rahman of

This modification might be a part of Google adding a new Data Safety section to the Play Store, as Rahman speculates suggested. It gives an overview of how apps gather and utilize your data. You’ll learn what data is being gathered, why it’s being collected, and how securely it’s being stored (encryption and other security measures in place). You can find out from data safety if the developer distributes your information with outside parties. Kids’ apps must also include information about the safeguards in place on their platform to protect youngsters.

Google’s goal with data safety is to increase consumer understanding of their data. Later this month, the company will make it required for all Play Store apps. The Permissions list is being deleted in advance of it. To some extent, data safety does act as a replacement. For instance, if an app claims to collect location data, it will need location permission. You even get to see a description of the necessary permissions and if a particular permission is required or optional for the app to work.

Advertisement But since the developer is the only source of information in Data Safety, it might not provide all the information a user needs to understand why data is being collected. Additionally, not all of the permissions an app might request are shown in this section. By eliminating the Permissions list, consumers will no longer be able to view all of them before to installing the app. It doesn’t feel like an upgrade in any way.

MORE IMPORTANT APP DATA IS DELETED BY GOOGLE FROM THE PLAY STORE If you’re upset that Google removed the Permissions list from the Play Store, you should know that it’s also eliminating other important app information from the marketplace. Some users have recently stopped seeing the date of the most recent app update. Although the modification has not yet been extensively implemented, the majority of users already lack the Permissions list.

If, however, you must view permissions prior to installing an app, Aurora Store still provides this option. It is a Google Play client that is FOSS (free and open-source software). If you’re a little tech savvy, you can find out about the permissions an app will need by looking at its manifest.

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