Outlook Lite will soon be more lightweight with no compromises and more features.

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A better, lighter, and more feature-rich update of Microsoft’s Outlook Lite email client for Android is currently under developed. That is based on the most recent reports , which came as a result of Microsoft’s development roadmap mentioning a new Outlook Lite for Android.

The new variant’s precise goal is not readily apparent. Some others think there will be a second release of the app, which is currently out there in some places. Or, on the other hand, that it will announce the expansion to new areas. At the same time, the current version of the program may be replaced. Given that the new app’s name is the same, the latter seems more realistic. The app is expected to launch at some point this month.

WHAT IS NEW IN MICROSOFT’S NEXT OUTLOOK LITE? Currently, Outlook Lite is a fantastic email client for low-cost and resource-constrained devices. In reality, it is very close to matching the functionality of the app’s full edition. And without a doubt, one of the greatest and most widely used email programs for Android is Outlook. And it does seem like the new Lite version builds on the previous one.

Advertisement The fact that a single account may only be utilized in the latest edition of the app is its biggest drawback. The Lite edition and the full version don’t appear to differ significantly in other ways. It will therefore include almost all of the features that have made the full version so well-liked.

Its size is also noticeably smaller. Therefore, it ought to use up less RAM and storage space. In a same vein, networking on phones need to be simpler. considerably lessening the amount of data and bandwidth used.

Despite this, the only noticeable visual change is a modification to the bottom bar’s user interface. Mail, Contacts, and Calendar are now displayed on the bottom navigation bar of the app, among other changes. Instead of Contacts, the complete version of the program features a Search feature.

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